Washington Academy of Languages is NOW A Part of CityU of Seattle

Washington Academy of Languages is NOW A Part of CityU of Seattle

Nell Gross and Chaia SchupackIn March, City University of Seattle announced it had acquired Washington Academy of Languages (WAL). WAL is a not-for-profit language school in Seattle that offers world language classes, TESL and ESL classes.

In this merger, WAL’s courses and instructors will remain the same, while the educational opportunities for students will exponentially increase. CityU offers the opportunity to explore professional certificates as well as undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. CityU now has five schools and divisions:

The Gordon Albright School of Education, which provides educators with education and administration preparation.

The School of Management, which provides students with undergraduate and graduate business degrees and certificates.

Division of Arts and Sciences, which features counseling degrees and certifications.

Division of Doctoral Studies, which offers a Doctorate in education and organizational development.

And (NOW), WAL. We will be one of the CityU divisions.

For information about WAL’s courses or deadlines, students should go to WAL’s website or contact WAL directly at 206-682-4463. Currently, WAL is located at 2 Nickerson St., Suite 201, Seattle, WA 98109. However, as of January 2013, they will be moving to CityU’s new headquarters and Urban Learning Campus in downtown Seattle. This campus is located at 521 Wall St, Seattle, WA 98121. Find out more about this location and campus here.

To read more about this news, please go to the press release. If you have questions, please email WAL.

Published May 29, 2012



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