Returning to CityU

We’re here to help you graduate.

We’re excited that you’re thinking about coming back to CityU! To help with your successful re-entry, here are some helpful tips and first steps to get back on track to graduation.

How do you know if you’re ready to come back?



Life Balance

Our students and graduates are adult learners, balancing both personal and professional responsibilities. Here’s a story of a returning student who seems to have navigated it all and is about to cross that stage himself!

(You can also try what’s called a time audit to see where school will fit into your busy schedule).




We understand that school is a big investment in your family and your future. And your long-term financial plan is critical.

 Here are a few resources that can help guide you through what is available for your ongoing financial support:



Overall Readiness

Graduating is more like a marathon than a sprint. And life doesn’t always cease to throw us curveballs.

You’ve made it this far, but you might have some additional physical, mental, or emotional considerations. Please see additional services listed below:


Readmission FAQ’s

Your Readmission Advisor would need to receive your new readmit application in order for your file to be officially updated by the Registrar. Once the update is received, your Readmission Advisor will reach out to review it in detail.
If there have been any changes to your program requirements since your last enrollment, your Readmission Advisor will work to maintain as much credit as possible, as the goal is to get you to the finish line as quickly as possible.

Your Readmission Advisor will help to verify current program requirements and see if they differ from the previously enrolled program. Once you’ve selected the program in which you are interested, an enrollment advisor will compare your existing credits with your program requirements. Our academic programs are reviewed annually to ensure that they are meeting current standards and are career relevant for today’s in-demand jobs. Due to our review process, some programs are discontinued and/or revised. If your prior program has been revised or no longer exists, we will work with you to apply your existing credits to a current program.

For any questions regarding your balance, please email Once you have connected with the Billing department, please reach out to your Readmission Advisor for more information on how to proceed with your re-enrollment.
No transcripts are required if you haven’t attended anywhere else since your last CityU enrollment. If you do have transcripts to submit, please order an official copy to be sent to and mail to:

City University of Seattle
Office of the Registrar
521 Wall Street, Ste 100
Seattle, WA 98121

Connect with your Readmission Advisor by email at
After no enrollment for over 365 days, a student is required to apply under the current catalog. A new application is also required after an official student withdrawal and after academic suspension or other specific outlines from the Office of the Registrar.
There is no fee required for returning students to complete the readmission form.
For a student to be readmitted following suspension, the student must submit a written, signed petition to the Readmission Committee within four terms (one year) of the suspension. Upon review of the request, if readmission is approved, the student will receive written notice outlining the conditions under which their studies may resume. The status Provisionally Readmitted appears as a permanent record on the student’s transcript. A student who has been provisionally readmitted is still considered to be on suspension, and if academic performance does not improve during the next term, and/or if the student does not follow the conditions outlined by the Readmission Committee, they may be dismissed, at the discretion of the Registrar. For more information on Academic Policies, please view the Catalog’s policy on Academic Standing.


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