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Enactus is a student organization that brings together college students, academic professionals and industry leaders to focus on a shared mission of creating a more sustainable world through entrepreneurship. Team members contribute their time and talent to projects that improve the lives of people around the globe.

Individuals who are armed with information, a passion for people and business know-how can be real agents for change. Powerful life lessons are attained outside the classroom through Enactus projects that tackle real issues with the help of real professionals.

Our Purpose

To enable progress through entrepreneurial action.

  • en-trepreneurial: Having the perspective to see an opportunity and the talent to create value from that opportunity.
  • act-ion: The willingness to do something and the commitment to see it through even when the outcome is not guaranteed.
  • us: A group of people who see themselves connected in some important way; individuals who are part of a greater whole.

Our Mission

Develop tomorrow’s leaders to create a sustainable world through the positive power of business. Enactus has been active at City University of Seattle since 2004. It started when a group of Master of Business Administration students wanted to help their community and world in a real way. When the students approached the faculty about bringing Enactus on campus, the CityU administration and faculty were immediately on board – as the organization directly supported CityU’s mission of providing a relevant and lifelong education for our students.

CityU’s Enactus team has been growing each year since and has been very successful at establishing relationships with businesses such as HSBC, Wal-Mart, Safeway, Starbucks, Microsoft, Lowe’s and Best Buy.

Read about historical Enactus Projects here: www.cityuenactus.org

Read more about current Enactus activities here: www.cityu.edu/category/enactus/


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