Celebrate the launch of two new academic programs and receive your first course free if you enroll this October!

We are thrilled to introduce our two newest programs, the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and the Master of Science in Technology and Product Management. Both programs are designed to meet current, real-world demands and to increase student marketability.

Master of Science in Technology and Product Management

Looking for a career in a consumer facing industry in today’s technology-driven world? Interested in making a lateral move in your career from a STEM field or marketing/sales? City University of Seattle’s Master of Science in Technology and Product Management, a 33 quarter credit hour program, is a multidisciplinary field of business that combines business fundamentals, innovation, and project management principles, while delving into specific product management factors such as product commercialization processes, mergers and acquisitions, and disruptive business models. The program culminates in an internship/new venture competition that will give students the hands-on, real-world experience of applying their knowledge in the workplace.

Technology and Product Management is a multidisciplinary field of business that examines the opportunities and challenges of innovation, disruption, organizational change, and the influence on business performance and competitive advantage. CityU’s School of Business and Management’s MSTPM teaches students to manage the interplay of technological, organizational, and human factors within and beyond the enterprise and their impact on the way businesses create and operate.

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence is designed to prepare graduates with the foundation, principles, and technical knowledge, to master the comprehensive framework of theory and practice in the emerging field of AI. Students will gain technical skills and practical expertise for developing and deploying ethical and human-centered artificial intelligence techniques to real-world applications.

The core courses provide comprehensive foundations and practical applications. Students take courses in AI programming, discrete math and algorithms, machine learning and deep learning, natural language processing, agent-based systems, cloud computing, among other courses, and cover special topics before the applied capstone project that simulates real-world experience.


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