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City University of Seattle’s “Learn With CityU” platform provides online opportunities to inform and connect. At CityU, we believe learning happens anywhere and everywhere, so we share these live and on-demand resources as a free means of connecting you to expert information in various fields in which we teach. Connect and ask questions to our broad academic and professional communities about current topics and our educational programs.

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Tireless: A Conversation About Your Future with Kim Lorenz

Thu, Dec. 3 | 1 pm – 2 pm (PT)

It’s the conversation we all need in 2020. One of optimism in your future and seizing opportunities in career and life. Get advice from CityU alum and best-selling author Kim Lorenz, who started two companies from nothing at age 26, grew them to global footprints, sold both to Fortune 500 companies, all before he was 46. Learn about “Wonder-Blunder-Thunder-Plunder,” a path often taken by all of us, and find out how to make it to the “Thunder” stage of your life. Understand how to identify careers you’ve never dreamed of by focusing on opportunities right in front of you, and ask your questions directly to this successful entrepreneur and Amazon #1 best-selling author of Tireless.

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Fireside Chat with the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Canada

Tue, Jan. 19 | 5:30 pm – 6:15 pm (PT)

Join Jonathan Wilkinson, Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change, for a conversation about major Canadian initiatives to address climate change, biodiversity loss and COVID-19. This webinar is part of the CityU Canada Sustainability Dialogues, a monthly series devoted to various sustainability topics.

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Lessons from Women in Tech to Pivot or Accelerate Your Career

Tue, Jan. 26 | 5 pm – 6:30 pm (PT)

Working in tech can be awesome for women. A high-paying industry, with abundant opportunities, where you build the future in any field you’re passionate about. Cybersecurity is a solid career pathway with opportunities in an array of work environments, and a growing network of support. Hear from a panel of successful women in tech who share their experiences on how to not only navigate the pitfalls but to rise in this field whether you’re a newcomer or building on an established career.

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Live Events | Learn About CityU

Pressley Rankin and Kurt Kirstein

What’s in Your Toolbox?: Why You Need Management & Leadership for Success

Tue, Dec. 8 | 12 noon – 12:30 pm (PT)

Leaders for the new normal need modern tools to move their teams forward in unstable times. Skills in both management AND leadership are critical in advancing teams both small and large. Join CityU faculty and staff and learn more about CityU’s Masters of Science in Management & Leadership (MSML) in this free informational webinar.

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Amy Lee and Aaron Dragnova

Leadership Path: How to Become a Principal or Administrator in a Pandemic

Wed, Dec. 9 | 4:30 pm – 5 pm (PT)

There’s a principal shortage looming and districts say their pipeline for future leaders is running dry. If becoming a principal or administrator is one of your career goals, now may be an excellent time to start preparing. Even though we’re in a pandemic, CityU’s nationally-recognized, online and cohorted programs provide you a safe, yet collaborative environment to learn in these unique times. Join us to hear more about your options and how you can be on track for a future as an Ed Leader on the other side of the pandemic.

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In Demand: How to Accelerate Your Project Management Career

Thu, Dec. 10 | 12:30 pm – 1 pm (PT)

Amazon has over 15,000 project management positions open this month alone. Learn how CityU can help you reach your goals in this ultra-in-demand field. By 2027, PM jobs are expected to grow by 33% with nearly 22 million new jobs worldwide. CityU is one of the few schools globally accredited by PMI, meaning your coursework counts as units toward your coveted PMP. Join faculty, staff, and alumni and learn about CityU’s Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA emphasis areas in Project Management.

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