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Some students lack the support they need to succeed, and high school English teacher Jim Sander looks forward to being an advocate and resource for those individuals.

In My Students' Shoes: A Language Teacher’s Perspective Continue Reading

by Hong Ying Douglas, ESL Faculty I have always loved the French culture, movies, and language, but I did not want to take on the language because I knew if I really wanted to be a proficient French language user,…

TESOL:  Jobs, jobs, jobs, but no takers! Continue Reading

by Christine Knorr, MA TESOL, Director of Washington Academy of Languages As Director of the TESOL Certificate Program, I am always on the lookout for ways to connect our TESOL graduates to teaching assignments. In fact, just this past year,…

Volunteer Minute with WAL at Seattle Urban Academy  - Looking Back with Joy Continue Reading

by Debbie Chan, Student Services & Activities Coordinator, Washington Academy of Languages (WAL) We always hear that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.   How about to a teenager’s heart, whose future seems sometimes difficult and unsure? …

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Changing career trajectories can be a challenging process, especially if it means going back to school to earn a new degree. CityU alumnus Scott McClave knew that from experience, which is why when he was ready to change careers for the second time he wanted to expedite the process. So, he decided to pair his existing skills and experience with a graduate certificate.

Award-winning online course sets students up for success Continue Reading

Despite its advantages in flexibility and accessibility, online education occasionally gets downplayed and characterized as impersonal and focused on individual, rather than collaborative approaches to learning. But, what if that weren’t the case?