WAL’s Lunch Bunch for Foodies:  Seriously Loving Food Enough to Write About It Continue Reading

by Debbie Chan, Washington Academy of Languages, Student Services & Activities Coordinator A small group of WAL FOODIES (those who love to eat and cook food) headed out to the Fremont District on Saturday, January 13, and had a wonderful…

A U.S. Marine guides an MK-28 extended cargo truck during an exercise in Haramura Higashihiroshima, Japan. Continue Reading

Will Greeson leads a team of photographers and videographers who are tasked with capturing footage of the Marines’ work – from humanitarian aid projects to active combat training – in the Pacific region.

Second chances: Psychology student pursues dream of helping children Continue Reading

Susan Pengra has always had a special place in her heart for vulnerable youth, and she spent the early part of her career working in group homes and juvenile detention facilities. Yet, like many parents, her career took a back seat after her children were born. However now that her children have left the nest, she’s decided it’s time to follow her career interest once again.

Chancellor Cunningham with co-founders of the Institute for Leadership Synergy: Dr. Roxanne Kymaani, Adriana Cabré, Joylyn Darnell & Will Marré Continue Reading

The National University System (NUS), a network of nonprofit K-12 and higher education institutions, is dedicated to working with others to identify more opportunities that make quality education accessible to lifelong learners.