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Achieve Your Goals with Support from the Career Center

CityU’s Career Center is committed to helping students and alumni take their careers to the next level. We’re here to assist you with job searches, writing resumes, building interview skills, career planning, and career counseling. If you’re a current student, you can also find helpful career information on the Student Portal.

To get the resources and assistance you need to elevate your career, contact the Career Center at

CityU Career Webinars

Get tips, tools, and best practices to manage your career and job searches from the nation’s top career authors and experts. Learn the skills you need to have a successful career strategy through these webinars presented by the CityU Alumni Association.

CityU’s academic credit internships are designed to match qualified students searching for practical on-the-job training. Students are connected with employers in the Pacific Northwest seeking highly-motivated interns to carry out real-world projects and assignments.

Connect with the Career Center to learn more about available internships or to share an internship opportunity (employers).

How it Works

Academic internships are available to undergraduates and graduate students. Before applying to an internship program, you will be required to meet with your academic advisor to review prerequisites and other qualifications. You will also be required to meet with the CityU Career Center staff for a skills assessment and to help find the right internship for you.

Internship Hours

Undergraduates are required to intern 150 hours or approximately 15 hours per week and will be awarded five quarter-hour credits upon successful completion.

Graduate students are required to intern 90 hours or nine hours per week and will be awarded three quarter-hour credits upon successful completion.

Internships are available each quarter. The specific days and hours will be arranged based on the needs of the host organization.


Ready to find the perfect internship for you and your career goals? Take the following steps to get started:

  1. Talk with your academic advisor and complete the internship application.
  2. Email the Career Center to schedule a time for a career skills assessment and review potential ways to find internships. We recommend that current students and alumni sign up to our internal networking web portal for potential internship and job postings.
  3. Meet with the internship coordinator in your department to assess whether the internship opportunities available fit your career goals and academic requirements.
  4. Complete internship agreement documentation with signatures from your academic advisor and departmental internship coordinator.

If you have any additional questions about internship opportunities at CityU, contact your academic advisor.

Professional Networking and Events

Want to make connections in your industry? Check out the links below to find networking events in and around the Seattle area.


If you live in Washington and recently experienced a layoff or are unemployed, check out Washington Career Bridge for helpful local resources, job boards, career trends, and more.

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