What Is a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration?

What Is a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration?

The world is changing. That’s what they say, right? Big data, artificial intelligence, jobs becoming automated. These are all part of the current fabric of the market.

How do you avoid becoming obsolete in a changing job market? The answer is: adaptability. Educating yourself in skills that have far-reaching effects is the key to maintaining a healthy career with longevity. And the BSBA degree is perfect for learning these applicable skills.

What is a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration? It is a program for business-minded students who want to gain the skills necessary to enjoy a successful career.

Its counterpart, the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, outlines the theoretical approach to business and how business fits into the world. However, if you’re someone who already knows the type of career you want, the BS degree will improve the skill sets necessary to succeed.


Overview of the BSBA Degree

The BSBA degree pushes students to solve problems that are as complex as the problems that businesses face today. They do this with a combination of theory, practice, and modern examples.

Students will evaluate businesses and determine whether certain aspects contribute to their success or their struggles. They will then come up with comprehensive strategies on how to succeed globally. In this way, students gain critical problem solving skills that are relevant and timely.

Presentation skills and effective communication are two other highly desired skills in today’s market. Being a good orator isn’t the only aspect to presenting or communicating. You must be able to listen to a variety of viewpoints, analyze critical data, and present a summary of your findings in a succinct manner. A good presentation demonstrates organizational skills and comprehension.

Students will also have the opportunity to learn managerial techniques like conflict resolution, leadership training, and sustainable business practices. Resource management, ethical practices, and understanding how to conduct yourself within a business fall under this category.

There’s inherent value tied in with this degree. So if you’re wondering ‘what is a bachelor’s in business administration good for,’ its strengths lie in the broad skill sets learned during the four years.


Career Options

#1 Marketing manager

Marketing managers have a finger on the pulse of the market. They are able to assess trends, fads, and other anomalies in order to ensure their company’s product or service is in alignment with the current market. They also develop pricing strategies and identify new potential markets to tap into. Marketing managers often work hand in hand with the sales team and design team.

#2 Accountant

An accountant deals with the financial reports and taxes of a business. They are able to present a company’s performance in terms of revenue gains or losses. Then when it comes tax season, they ensure all taxes are filed in compliance with local, state, and federal law. Accountants have high job security because of their necessity at companies of all sizes.

#3 Human Resources (HR) Specialist

A company’s Human Resources Specialist is first and foremost in charge of the hiring process and acclimation of employees. They deal with the initial training and ensure new hires are adjusting well with the environment. HR Specialists also commonly address coworkers’ interpersonal issues and payroll disputes.

There are so many great career options for a business administration degree because the skills acquired are transferable to any business. CityU compiled the 9 best careers for business administration graduates, complete with salary information and job growth outlook.



BSBA Subjects

BSBA programs break down what’s involved in running and managing a traditional business. They spend time emphasizing various aspects of a company in order to ensure students have the full scope of how businesses work. A few significant subjects covered in a BSBA program involve:


Modern BSBA programs should also be covering newer topics such as:

Unfortunately, not many BSBA programs have incorporated this new wave of technology into their curriculum. CityU’s program does and it’s what sets them apart from other business administration programs. By focusing on current technology, they give students a chance to thrive in the business world.


Requirements: What You Need to Begin

To qualify for a BSBA program all you need to have is a high school education or above. Then the next step is to determine where and when to start!


Continuing Education

After you’re done with what is a business administration degree, you can pursue education further to get a Master of Business Administration (or MBA). MBAs are highly sought after by companies and MBA graduates report a significantly higher out-of-college salary.

This isn’t the only difference. MBAs work in collaborative groups with other students who have different backgrounds and experiences working in the private and public sector. This is incredible for networking potentials and for the value of working side by side with other professionals.


Is a BSBA Right For You?

It’s the question that gets to the heart of the problem. Maybe it helps to reframe the question: Are you someone who is passionate about furthering your career? Are skills like adaptability, effective communication, and critical thinking important to you? Do you believe understanding business models and management techniques will help you achieve your goals?

If you answered yes, then CityU’s BSBA program is right for you. Here you’ll get a modernized education for the modern world.


Published April 26, 2019



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