The Peace Bus: CityU Alumnus Continues Rolling Forward by Supporting His Community 

The Peace Bus: CityU Alumnus Continues Rolling Forward by Supporting His Community 

In these uncertain times, the Tacoma area is finding hope in CityU alumnus, Kwabi Amoah-Forson, also known as the owner of The Peace Bus. Last October, CityU had the opportunity to interview Kwabi and learn why The Peace Bus was created, his efforts to donate socks and blankets to his local homeless community, and his story to promote peace. However, due to COVID-19, Kwabi’s focus has shifted to helping his community differently – by providing cereal and non-perishable items to children and families who need help during this time.

“I was looking at a (Tacoma) News Tribune article,” Kwabi said, “The school districts have food, but some parents can’t take their kids to go get food there, but then I thought I could take food to them.” After doing some research, the Peace Bus didn’t have the correct permits to transport perishable food, but Kwabi wasn’t giving up that easily. “I found out I could transfer non-perishable items and The Peace Bus Breakfast Fund was created. I made a post on Facebook, letting the community know that I would be delivering cereal, and all they had to do was text me if they needed food.” Kwabi said.

With the donations he received from his GoFundMe account and from members of the community, Kwabi has been able to deliver cereal to over 160 families in the Tacoma area since the Breakfast Fund was created. “After a few weeks, I received a call from the Northwest General Mills representative – he heard about what I was doing, and he wanted to donate a few crates of cereal for the community!”.

The Breakfast Fund has continued to grow, with Kwabi’s mission to promote peace leading the way. “The reason why I started (The Peace Bus) was to have people thinking about what it means to be peaceful and try to be peaceful in their daily lives, whatever that aligns with – online forum, going to schools, etc.,” Kwabi said. Before the outbreak, The Peace Bus was working on different opportunities to continue to promote their mission and are hoping they can pick up where they left off when this is over. “Before coronavirus, The Peace Bus was getting ready to launch a T.V. show dedicated to teaching kids about homelessness, poverty, incarceration, and how they can help people. We were going to premiere the pilot episode at the Blue Mouse Theater theater but had to cancel.”

Although the outbreak is continuing, The Peace Bus is coming up with new ways to connect to the youngest members of its communities, all while promoting peace. “A kid sent me a letter the other day saying he’s a fan of The Peace Bus, and he learned not to fight with his sibling, but instead share his feelings. That gave me the idea to get a P.O. Box (now called “Dear Kwabi” letters) and have kids send their letters, and I will send them back stickers and activities to do to.” Kwabi said.

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To learn more, donate to The Peace Bus Breakfast Fund, or send “Dear Kwabi” letters,  visit The Peace Bus website.

Published April 21, 2020



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