Who we are:

Vietnamese Student AssociationThe Vietnamese Student Association at City University of Seattle is a warm and close community of prospective students, current students and alumni of City University of Seattle. Although it is a Vietnamese community, we welcome students and friends from all over the world.

Our mission

To build a family for students to support each other while also strengthen our friendship with students from various cultures.

“VSA – Where Friends Become Family”

Vietnamese Student Association Members

What we do:

  • Support prospective students, current students and alumni in daily tasks, cultural differences and academic matters.
  • Organize fun, interactive indoor/outdoor activities to help relieving stress from studying and working.
  • Share experiences and opportunities about studying, working, and living in the States/abroad.

Our Leadership Team 2017-2018:

Vietnamese Student Association leaders

From left to right: (1) Nhat Le-Treasurer/Fundraising Chair; (2) Nhu Mai-Secretary; (3) Mi Le-Graphic Designer; (4) Linh Hoang- President; (5) Chi Nguyen-Vice President; (6) Giang Nguyen-Membership Chair; (7) Minh Truong- Marketing/Public Relations Chair.

How to join and contact information:

In order to join our group, students can send the following information to VSA@cityu.edu:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth (optional)
  • Home country/city

  • Primary email address (recommend CityU email)
  • Phone number used in the U.S. (optional)

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