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School of Applied Leadership

School of Applied Leadership

School of Applied Leadership

City University of Seattle’s School of Applied Leadership aims to empower, educate and inspire leaders across different sectors including education, business, technology, healthcare, human services, and nonprofits. The school’s applied doctoral program is one of the few on the West Coast that can be taken all online. CityU understands how to train, teach and grow leaders and has been recognized for this capability for over 40 years.

If you want to lead and move your career and business forward, CityU’s School of Applied Leadership is here to help. Its certificate, graduate and doctoral programs will prepare you to be an effective leader in this competitive marketplace.

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Degree Options

CityU’s School of Applied Leadership offers graduate and certificate degrees programs, each boasting small class sizes, practitioner faculty, and a curriculum informed by industry experts.

By integrating innovative ideas and proven practices, students will apply practical leadership methods using theory, reflection, and critical analysis. You’ll learn skills that can be applied in classrooms, nonprofits, government agencies, hospitals, small businesses, boardrooms and more.

The power of collective real-world intelligence across industries, generations, and cultures is harnessed through collaboration in class, and can be immediately used in the field. By providing a practical, data-driven approach based on the most current theories of the field, students will graduate from this School as experts in leadership.

“As a leader it’s incredibly important to know who you are, what you stand for and how you can grow.”

Dr. Christine Moloney, Alumna

Programs offered by the School of Applied Leadership

Graduate Degrees
Doctorate Degrees
Graduate Certificates