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Welcome to CityU’s School of Health and Social Sciences! We are working hard to find innovative ways to meet your educational and training needs, with the hope that we can provide a robust and engaging learning experience for you. Consistent with our mission to make learning accessible, all the classes in the program are offered online. They are highly interactive, which allows students to learn from the instructors as well from each other. Additionally, they have online assessment management systems available that allow students to complete homework and quizzes from home and receive prompt feedback. Our instructors strive to offer the highest quality instruction. They are very supportive and committed to students’ success.

Our programs set the foundation for a variety of career trajectories and educational goals. Using your degree, you will learn to think critically, analyze data, and solve problems creatively.

Again, welcome to our program. We look forward to getting to know you and we are excited about the opportunity to be a companion in promoting your educational goals and career goals.

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