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October 2024
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Reach Your Full Potential as a Leader

City University of Seattle’s Master of Science in Management and Leadership (MSML) is designed for forward-thinking professionals looking to reach their potential for managing organizations and leading teams. The program highlights the knowledge and skills necessary to guide an organization, manage and improve business practices, apply long-term strategy, develop personal leadership, and develop diverse teams.

This master’s degree in leadership is available fully online or mixed modality, and can be completed in as little as 15 months. A four-year degree from an accredited university qualifies you to apply.

Management and leadership are complementary and necessary skills in today’s business environment. Management focuses on the present while leadership looks to the future. Management focuses on processes while leadership focuses on the people. You need both to run a successful organization. The MS in Leadership program is designed with relevant skills in mind – a survey of 100 HR managers and 500 line managers in big corporations found that the two most important skills to develop in employees were leadership and management. The MSML will instruct you to use proven management strategies to make leadership decisions that guide sustainable organizational strategy.

Learning Outcomes

Throughout the MSML program, you’ll learn to:

  • Differentiate the effects organizational culture has on leadership within their organization
  • Create and manage diverse local and global teams
  • Use data-driven strategy to establish and implement operational plans that lead to sustainable organizational growth
  • Write research-based professional presentations that communicate researched arguments to both internal and external stakeholders
  • Examine business opportunities in a rapidly changing environment by thinking critically and applying quantitative procedures and tools

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