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The Doctor of Information Technology (DIT) program is a multidisciplinary program designed for innovative leaders who wish to advance knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) in Technology and Computing. DIT candidates choose an area of focus in Computer Science, Cybersecurity, or Data Science. Candidates develop essential information technology capabilities key to leading and influencing organizations.

With a focus on developing advanced KSAs in information technology innovations, the program prepares candidates for senior-level positions in industry, government, or education. Graduates utilize the latest technologies, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and data science, to optimize organizational performance. The DIT program is designed and developed based on ACM curricular guidelines and NSA/DHS Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) standards. The DIT multidisciplinary program provides a high-quality learning experience through a flexible format that meets the candidate’s career objectives.

Program Overview

The DIT consists of core courses, a depth of study concentration, a comprehensive exam, dissertation residencies, a research core, and a dissertation. Candidates begin by taking the Program Orientation Course, DIT 600, prior to, or concurrently, with their first DIT class.

The depth of study consists of three areas: Computer Science, Cybersecurity, and Data Science. Candidates choose one area that supports their educational goals. Candidates can propose and design their own depth of study with the approval of the Program Director.

After the completion of the core and depth of study courses, candidates take the comprehensive exam. The dissertation commences after passing the exam. Candidates are required to complete six dissertation courses. The seminar residencies are usually offered in Seattle in the summer and winter residencies are typically held online via live zoom; they are scheduled throughout the duration of the program.

  • Doctor of Information Technology program, learning outcomes:
  • Integrate foundational knowledge of all areas of advanced information technology and computing (General Computing Knowledge).
  • Apply fundamental principles and practices of advanced information technology and computing (IT & Computing Principles and Practice).
  • Apply critical and ethical thinking to solve problems in advanced information technology and computing (Critical and Ethical Thinking).
  • Evaluate data to inform decisions and solve problems in advanced information technology and computing (Quantitative Literacy).
  • Create the ability to develop and express ideas while applying a variety of delivery models, genres, and styles (Communication).
  • Collaborate effectively on diverse teams to accomplish a common goal (Collaboration).

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects continued growth in the IT field well into the future.* Leaders who are ready to prepare individuals and organizations for IT challenges are in high demand. The DIT program from CityU will prepare you to seek IT leadership positions in public and private organizations, consulting firms, and universities.Potential career options may include:

  • Chief information/technology officer
  • Senior organizational leader
  • Entrepreneur
  • Information technology consultant
  • Technical manager/director
  • Project/program manager
  • Higher education faculty
  • Computing services director


There are 78 credits required for this degree:

  • Program Overview: 1 credit
  • Core IT Classes: 42 credits
  • Specialization: 12 credits*
  • Potential specializations: Computer Science, Information Security, Project Management, Adult Education, Instructional Design, and Management and Leadership
  • Capstone Project: 6 credits
  • Residency: 3 credits
  • Dissertation: 10 credits

*Students can either transfer in their specialization credits or take them from one of our five master’s programs.

There continues to be a rapid increase in the need for senior leaders in IT who can guide companies and develop future talent. CityU’s Doctor of Information Technology provides an innovative and forward-thinking approach to technology leadership, strategy, and education.

— Kurt Kirstein, Program Director


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