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The business environment is evolving in a way that demands new and unique skills from today’s business graduates. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program at City University of Seattle is designed to develop you into a highly competent analytical thinker, decision maker, and problem solver who can effectively navigate and operate within this shifting business world, which is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.

CityU’s BSBA is available online and in a mixed-mode format. The degree strengthens your foundations in subjects that are applicable to a wide range of professional settings and prepares you for higher levels of education (MBA and DBA).

This Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is one of the first of its kind to offer core artificial intelligence courses customized for business students.

The BS in Business Administration program equips you with essential management skills, innovative problem-solving strategies, and familiarity with complex technologies including artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing. This Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is one of the first of its kind to offer core artificial intelligence courses customized for business students.

The BSBA program allows you to choose a specialization that’s aligned with your career goals:

  • Data Analytics for Business Decision Making: Advance your practical knowledge of techniques in artificial intelligence and business analytics and develop the ability to identify hidden insights within data.
  • Management: Develop a strong strategic vision and mindset that prepares you to pursue a variety of management positions.
  • Project Management: Learn how to organize, lead, and schedule projects in a variety of disciplines. Courses are informed by Project Management Institute (PMI®) principles, qualify for PMI Professional Development Units, and can be credited toward PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification.
  • Specialized Study: Complete an independent study of five courses taken in a specific content area with the approval of the Program Director.

Graduates will be prepared to make decisions that are as complex as the modern business environment.

Learning Outcomes

Throughout the BSBA program, you’ll learn to:

  • Propose strategies to succeed in global business and recommend improvements that align with the company’s goals and culture.
  • Leverage technology for competitive advantage.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in primary and secondary business activities.
  • Access and evaluate relevant information to guide business decisions.
  • Deliver powerful presentations and effective business writing for diverse audiences.
  • Apply ethical principles when conducting and evaluating business.
  • Contribute to a successful team by incorporating leadership, conflict resolution, and collaboration skills.
  • Analyze and apply sustainable business practices.

Student Achievement

Required Credits (180 Credits)

For full course descriptions please visit the 2020–2021 Course Catalog. 

Students are able to choose from the following emphasis areas to complete their program of study:

Lower-Division Requirements (90)

College Composition: 5 credits
College Mathematics: 5 credits
Humanities: 15 credits
Social Science: 15 credits
Natural Science/Mathematics: 15 credits

Upper-Division Requirements (90)

Foundations of Business Operations Core

BUS 310 Business Communications (5)

BUS 315 Financial Accounting (5)

BUS 317 Finance (5)

BUS 320 Technology and Operations Management (5)

BUS 330 Economic Analysis for Business Decisions (5)

Emerging Technologies, Methods, and Markets Core

BUS 420 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Business Applications (5)

BUS 424  Fundamentals of AI (5)

BUS 426 Business Analytics for Decision Making (5)

BUS 430 Marketing and Competitive Analysis (5)

Organizational Systems, Complexity, and Strategy Core

BUS 300 Business Dynamics (5)

BUS 304  Organizational Behavior and Leadership (5)

BUS 402 Managing Organizational Systems and Complexity (5)

BUS 495 Strategic Management (5)

Emphasis Requirements

Data Analytics for Business Decision-Making Emphasis

BUS 440  Introduction to Data Science (5)

BUS 442  Advanced Tools in Business Analytics (5)

BUS 444  Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics (5)

BUS 446  Data Visualization and Dashboards (5)

BUS 448  Strategic Decision Making Under Uncertainty (5)

Management Emphasis

BUS 462 Strategic Consulting (5)

BUS 464 Design of Effective Teams and Organizations (5)

BUS 466 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (5)

PM 401 Introduction to Project Management (5)

PM 444 Negotiation and Competitive Decision Making (5)

Project Management Emphasis

PM 401 Introduction to Project Management (5)

PM 404 Project Scheduling and Cost Management (5)

PM 406  Project Risk and Change Management (5)

PM 442  Introduction to System Dynamics (5)

PM 444  Negotiation and Competitive Decision Making (5)

Specialized Study Emphasis

The Specialized Study emphasis consists of five courses taken in a specific content area. Coursework may be completed through independent study, current course offerings, or developed for a specific industry or organizational setting. The Specialized Study emphasis is proposed by the student and approved by the Program Director prior to registration.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is designed to strengthen your foundation in subjects that are applicable to a wide range of professional settings and prepares you to seek graduate-level programs, including an MBA and DBA.

The BSBA program will prepare you for a variety of management and leadership roles in fields such as:

  • Business analytics
  • Data analytics
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations management
  • Project management

Networking Opportunities

At CityU, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your professional network by connecting with faculty working in your field, students from around the globe, and alumni employed at Seattle’s top companies. Plus, you’ll be part of a supportive community that’s dedicated to helping you reach your career goals.

Tuition Cost

Learn more about tuition and fees for our undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs.

Financial Aid Opportunities

At CityU, we’re committed to helping students achieve their academic goals no matter their economic situations. Our financial aid counselors are here to find the resources you need to pay for your education, including grants, loans, work study, and scholarships.

Learn more about financial aid opportunities at CityU, or contact our Financial Aid Team at 800.426.5596, 206.239.4540, or finaid@cityu.edu.

Military Tuition Benefits

As a Yellow Ribbon school, CityU is proud to serve those who have served in the military. We offer military tuition discounts for active-duty servicemembers and their spouses and accept military benefits such as the Post 9/11 GI Bill® and Tuition Assistance.

Learn more about military tuition benefits, VA benefits, and military partnership programs designed to help you reach your military and career goals.


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