Advance as a Manager in Your Field

The Bachelor of Arts in Management degree program is specifically designed for anyone seeking a broad management background focusing on the organizational and human dimension of the field. This program will teach you the basic knowledge and skills you need to succeed as a manager in your field.

Courses are offered in an online or on-campus format. This program is one of the top-ranked online bachelor’s programs in the U.S., according to U.S. News & World Report.


Throughout the Bachelor of Arts in Management program at CityU, you’ll develop a broad understanding of what makes organizations work, how to build successful teams, how to be a strong leader, and how to communicate in the business world. The program includes 50 core credits that focus on solving business problems from a manager’s perspective.

You will have the option to take courses online or on-site. Students with sufficient transferable credits and applicable real-world experience can graduate with a BA in Management in as little as one year.

With 40 upper-division electives, you will create your own focus area through elective coursework and study topics within or outside the School of Management.

Learning Outcomes

Throughout the Bachelor of Arts in Management program, you’ll learn to:

  • Apply leadership theories to the work environment
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  • Critically analyze a variety of business problems and create effective, ethical solutions
  • Find, evaluate, and use information to support professional and organizational development
  • Gain a broad foundational knowledge of the many facets of management, including marketing, human resources, and project management
  • Participate in productive and diverse teams

The Bachelor of Arts in Management is designed for students who want to grow their career in business and management. The curriculum is developed and taught by professionals who have several years of experience in finance, accounting, project management, marketing, supply chain management, human resources, leadership, and other areas.

Lower-Division Requirements (90)

College Composition: 5 credits
College Mathematics: 5 credits
Humanities: 15 credits
Social Science: 15 credits
Natural Science/Mathematics: 15 credits

Upper-Division Requirements (90)

Management Core

BC 301

Critical Thinking (5)

This course introduces the student to critical-thinking processes used to analyze today's business issues and aid identifying rational solutions. This course focuses on building and analyzing arguments; forms and standards of critical thinking; and evaluating sources of information. Students learn foundational skills that will serve them throughout the program and their business careers.

BC 306

Ethics and Leadership (5)

This course provides an overview of various philosophical approaches to ethical decision making and practical applications involving ethical problems that arise in contemporary society such as crime and punishment, marriage and the family, biotechnology, and business.

BSC 407

The Effective Organization (5)

This course investigates dilemmas that routinely plague organizations as well as possible solutions to these dilemmas. Topics include diversity within the organization; conflict and negotiation; perception, motivation, and reinforcement; leadership roles throughout the organization; human resource management and team building; organizational cultures; design and information technology; and organizational change and development.

BSM 304

Organizational Communications (5)

This course covers internal and external communication in the contemporary evolving organization. Students will assess their management communication style and identify areas for improvement. Topics include interpersonal and small group dynamics, use of communications technology, motivation, conflict resolution, and communicating with diverse audiences.

BSM 414

International Management (5)

This course introduces students to the global economy. Students will investigate the internal business environment and its complexity in the international setting. Understanding and practical application of concepts and processes of globalization; the political, legal, and technological environment; ethical behavior and decision-making; the role of culture and its impact on behavior; and management of international strategies will be emphasized. Cross-cultural management and problem-solving techniques will be examined.

HR 405

Strategic Management of Human Resources (5)

This course is designed to identify the role of human resources; the processes and activities used to strategically formulate and implement human resources objectives, practices, and policies to meet the short- and long-range organizational needs and opportunities; human resources contributions to organizational effectiveness.

MG 360

Financial Fundamentals for Managers (5)

This course introduces students to the basic principles, terminology, and application of financial concepts in a project management context. This course will enable managers to enhance decision-making aptitude by incorporating financial theory and concepts. Students will learn to integrate concepts such as net present value, weighted cost of capital, capital budgeting, working capital management, and forecasting into a project management context.

MG 495

Management Strategy (5)

Management Strategy is a capstone course that provides the student an opportunity to integrate discrete skills gained from prior coursework in general management, critical thinking; ethics and leadership, marketing, project management, and human resources. Prerequisites: Prior to enrolling in MG 495, students must be in their last quarter of study. Any exceptions must have special permission from the BAM program director.

MK 300

Principles of Marketing (5)

This course provides an introduction to basic marketing concepts. Topics include the marketing mix, new product development, consumer behavior, customer relationship management, strategic planning and e-commerce. Students will develop a comprehensive marketing plan and apply course concepts to real or imaginary products.

PM 401

Introduction to Project Management (5)

Introduction to Project Management utilizes a real team project to manage a project’s life cycle. Emphasis is placed on activity networks, managing resources, and creating control mechanisms that minimize risk. Project leadership is explored in the context of building effective project teams and maintaining stakeholder relationships. Students will learn and apply basic project management concepts including time and resource constraints, planning, scheduling, work breakdown structure, Gantt Charts, network diagrams, and project control.

Upper-Division Electives

Choose 40 credits of upper-division undergraduate level elective coursework from other fields or disciplines including business, psychology, communications, information systems, and general education. Elective courses are offered in multiple formats including the performance-based model. Contact an admissions advisor for the current list of available courses.


Specialized Study Courses

Choose 40 credits of upper-division undergraduate level specialized study coursework. These courses must be approved by The Program Director.

With such a wide scope of academic coverage, the BA in Management will prepare you for a variety of professional outcomes. Skilled managers are needed in every type of organization. With a BA in Management, you will be prepared to pursue a career as:

  • Team lead
  • Franchise owner
  • Retail manager
  • Supervisor
  • Corporate management consultant

Networking Opportunities

At CityU, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your professional network by connecting with faculty working in your field, students from around the globe, and alumni employed at Seattle’s top companies. Plus, you’ll be part of a supportive community that’s dedicated to helping you reach your career goals.

Tuition Cost

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Financial Aid Opportunities

At CityU, we’re committed to helping students achieve their academic goals no matter their economic situations. Our financial aid counselors are here to find the resources you need to pay for your education, including grants, loans, work study, and scholarships.

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