Educating Students Around the World

City University of Seattle partners with universities and colleges throughout the world to further its mission of educating anyone with a desire to learn. Our international partnerships include universities in the following countries:

CityU offers an uninterrupted study abroad experience and a network of award-winning and top-ranked programs that can be taken online and or on site around the world, at our various locations and sites.

If you’re a U.S.-based CityU student or an international student looking to earn a CityU degree from one of our partner universities, visit our Locations page to learn more about our degree programs.

Why Partner with CityU Internationally?

Here are just a few benefits of partnering with CityU:

  • High-quality, relevant programs in business, technology, education, and counseling
  • Opportunity to study and network in Seattle, home to innovative employers such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Boeing
  • Safe, rewarding study abroad experiences
  • Classes offered online or on site around the world
  • English language and world language programs, which support international students transitioning into U.S. accredited programs taught in English
  • Short-term summer sessions, which allow students to earn credits and travel at the same time

If you are interested in partnering with CityU, email Antonio Esqueda Flores, assistant provost of international education, at


  • Instructions for Phone input: Numbers only, e.g., 8005551212