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From Music to IT: One Student’s Story to Finding the Best Career Path

From Music to IT: One Student’s Story to Finding the Best Career Path
Dyan Cubacub

The time of COVID-19 has brought a lot of uncertainty for everyone. Whether it’s about jobs, health, or family, it’s been an overwhelming time for all. However, for City University of Seattle’s class of 2021 student, Dyan Cubacub, it was an opportunity to create adjustments and finish her degree. Dyan said “I used to go to coffee shops and work on my homework, now during quarantine, I had to adapt and create a home desk set up. The virus has impacted all of our lives but as students, we need to adapt and keep moving forward.” Dyan’s story, however, began the same way that it ended, with unforeseeable obstacles. Dyan’s educational journey began in 2011 when she graduated high school. “I went to Clark College with a music scholarship and I’ve always wanted to be a music teacher, but things changed when I flunked public speaking the second year.”

Despite the failure, Dyan knew that she needed to find her next step. “As people would say, sophomore year is usually the worst year. That was the turning point where I got my first full-time job, changed my career, and after looking up possible universities to transfer to, I ended up going to CityU.” Dyan said. After having experience HTML and coding courses at Clark, Dyan decided to pursue her new career path in the technology industry.

Choosing the Right Program

After learning about CityU’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Dyan transferred to CityU in 2016, knowing that she had picked the right choice. “I liked the flexible scheduling since I was working 3-4 days a week. I even received tuition reimbursement from my employer. Because of that, I was able to pay my tuition out of pocket, so I didn’t go into debt.” Although Dyan’s educational journey seemed to be on the right path, there were still some challenges. “There were times where I didn’t understand a subject, so I dropped it, but I also learned the hard way to take the courses in order of their prerequisites. I would rather at least know a baseline of a subject instead of learning a new one entirely. CityU staff and faculty were amazing though – they were very caring and helped me understand things when I was struggling.” Dyan said. Now that Dyan has almost completed her degree, she has a piece of advice for CityU students and prospective students, “Don’t give up – if you found something that you wanted to do and you’re passionate about it, go for it! These online classes are made to fit your schedule, don’t stop learning, learn about yourself, and keep moving forward and take advantage of this opportunity.”.


Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about CityU’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, visit www.cityu.edu or call 888.422.2898 to speak to an advisor.

Published September 15, 2020