CityU’s online education programs are offered through a virtual classroom where students can log-in to check assignments, discussion topics and video. Students collaborate and discuss topics with one another on a Portal, within this virtual classroom and on a system called Blackboard.

This option allows students to complete the same degree but have greater flexibility of where they are when they are in class.


This more traditional way of attending classes gives students the advantage of networking with classmates and talking with instructors face to face.

CityU offers daytime, evening and weekend classes at its facilities throughout the world. Please contact an adviser to find out if the courses you are interested in taking are being offered at the location closest to you.


Some students prefer taking some classes online and some onsite. This is “mixed-mode.” Many programs offer this mode.

Please connect with an adviser to see if this is possible for the program you are interested in.

Performance Based

Performance-based programs allow students to earn credit in an innovative manner that recognizes the skills they have developed in the working world. Once students demonstrate that they have a developed skill or set of skills he or she is able to earn credits for the knowledge they have already mastered and move on to the material that he or she does not know.

Students are evaluated through assessments according to learning outcomes made known prior to the student entering the program. While working through these outcomes, students are supported by a faculty facilitator and proceed as quickly as they would like to through the program. This mode is only offered in a few programs. If you are interested in taking a program this way, please talk with one of CityU’s advisers.

Regional Cohort Model

To maximize convenience and optimize flexibility for students, City University of Seattle has built a delivery mode called a “Regional Cohort Model,” which includes online and onsite learning, and leverages the flipped classroom model. Lectures are viewed by students at home before class, and in-class time is devoted to exercises, projects, and discussions.

The first onsite class may be at a particular location (e.g. Renton, Washington) and subsequent in-class sessions are conveniently held at a campus near the student. With CityU having several sites throughout Washington state, students will be paired with other students in his or her area, to form a ‘regional cohort.’ This cohort will be put through a series of online and onsite classes, which will include practitioner based faculty and lectures, and will require higher learning and rich discussion.

The Albright School of Education currently uses this model in some of its programs. For more information about how this modality works email


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