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City University of Seattle began offering degree programs in then Czechoslovakia in 1991. After Slovakia became a sovereign state in 1993, CityU founded a new Slovak college called Vysoka Skola Manazmentu (VSM), established by law of the National Council. It received formal accreditation for undergraduate business studies from the Slovak Ministry of Education, thus becoming the first private, nonprofit college in Slovakia.

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Vysoka Skola Manzmentu (VSM) was approved as a private university in 1999 by the National Council of the Slovak Republic to offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. VSM has two campuses in Slovakia and a robust online program. In Bratislava, the location houses 15 classrooms, two computer labs, and a library. In Trencin, VSM has a smaller site that includes a residence hall.

CityU and VSM offers students the opportunity to earn a CityU Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or a Master in Business Administration. The partnership allows students to earn CityU degrees or combine them with an equivalent Slovak degree, thus earning double degrees.

Partnership Opportunities

Contact us for more information about our partnership in Slovakia.

Antonio Esqueda Flores
Assistant Provost for International Education
Email: AEsqueda@CityU.Edu
Phone: +1-206-239-4820 (office)

Vysoká Škola Manažmentu

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