Educating Professionals in Seattle and Around the World

Since 1973, City University of Seattle has been relentlessly reimagining higher education in the Pacific Northwest and around the world. As an accredited, private, nonprofit university, our mission is to provide career-relevant education to busy professionals who want to advance their careers and compete in the global marketplace.

Today, CityU is recognized as a Top 10 educator of adults nationwide1, offering over 60 degree and certificate programs in business, leadership, education, project management, health and human services, and computer and information systems. Whether students study on-site or online, they learn from practitioner faculty and network with alumni employed at Seattle’s top companies.

CityU is truly a global community. Each year, the institution serves over 500 international students at our Seattle campus who come to CityU to complete their bachelor’s degree or earn a graduate degree. We continue our mission of offering access to a high quality, relevant U.S.-style degree to those in other countries. There are now partnerships with institutions in Canada, China, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Slovakia, and Vietnam. No matter which program students choose, they gain global perspectives from their peers while expanding their professional expertise.

From the day they enroll, students have an entire team of support that’s committed to helping them finish their degree and achieve their goals. In fact, students complete their degrees at twice the average national rate2.

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Our Mission, Vision, and Values

At CityU, we strive to change our students’ lives for good by offering high-quality and relevant lifelong education. Our vision is educational access worldwide through a network of partners and programs offered on-site and online.

At CityU, we value:

  • Flexibility — Design and deliver programs and services to be convenient to students
  • Accessibility — Provide educational opportunities to anyone, anywhere
  • Innovation — Continually create new educational opportunities
  • Relevance — What we teach today can be applied tomorrow
  • Global — Act local but think global

Core Themes and Strategic Plan

The Board of Trustees approves an institutional five-year strategic plan to guide CityU. The strategic plan is a living document that will guide the University for the next five years. It is updated annually, serving as a road map to help the University fulfill its mission and achieve its vision. The University’s strategic plan guides operational activities, including the determination of annual goals and objectives for its performance.

City University of Seattle’s Core Themes:

  • Theme One: Deliver High-Quality, Relevant Education
  • Theme Two: Ensure Student Access
  • Theme Three: Strengthen Global Connections
  • Theme Four: Foster Lifelong Learning

View CityU’s strategic plan, CityU 2020, which builds upon the university’s mission and provides direction for future progress.

CityU Completion Rate

According to data from the Chronicle of Higher Education, City University of Seattle’s Completion Rate is 55.1 while the national average is 22.5.

Completion rate is defined as the total number of undergraduate-level completions (degrees and certificate programs of at least one year in length) per 100 full-time equivalent undergraduates, based on total credit hours taken.

“Awards per 100 full-time undergraduate students” include all undergraduate-level completions reported by the institution to the National Center for Education Statistics: bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, and certificate programs of less than four years in length.

Full-time-equivalent undergraduates are estimated from the number of credit hours taken at the institution in an academic year. To account for changes in enrollment, the resulting metric is a three-year average of data from 2011, 2012, and 2013.

How are “Completion Rates” different from “Graduation Rates?”

Graduation rates are designed to measure completions for groups of first-time, full-time degree-seeking students at the undergraduate level.

For universities like CityU that serve the needs of adult college students and transfer students, the standard “graduation rate” metric lacks relevance. The “completion rate” metric was developed to provide more meaningful information regarding the efficiency of institutions that primarily serve students who are not first-time, full-time freshmen.

Who We Serve

CityU serves a diverse student community of working adults, including over 500 international students from around the world. Learn more about our student community below or download our fact sheet.

Student Population

Total Headcount 6,367
Full Time 19%
3/4 Time 12%
1/2 Time or Less 69%
Undergraduate 41%
Graduate 40%
Doctorate 4%
Non-degree Seeking 15%
U.S. International Students 495 (8% of student population)
Veterans & Military Students 418 (7% of student population)

Type of Student via Time

  • Full Time
  • 3/4 Time
  • 1/2 Time or Less

69% 69% 19% 19% 12% 12%

Type of Student via Degree Level

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • Doctorate
  • Non-degree

40% 40% 15% 15% 41% 41% 4%