For 50 Years and Counting

City University of Seattle is excited to announce that we are entering our 50th anniversary this year. From 1973 to 2023, CityU has been committed to helping students achieve their goals. For the past 50 years and for the next 50, we’re here to get you there.

A Timeline of CityU: 1973-2023


Our Tagline: Education for Life in the Real World



Classes offered on Seattle-to-Bremerton ferry



John Harrell enrolls as Douglas Arnold assists


First commencement ceremony: 9 graduates



Second commencement ceremony: 92 graduates


First accreditation by Northwest Commission on Colleges


Enrollment tops 1,800 students



First weekend courses and daycare for $6/day



First international classes Vancouver, BC




Why City College?



Renamed City University



Distance Learning Program created



International Studentsvisit CityU



CityU offers degree in Computer Science



International classes offered in: Switzerland, Japan, Slovakia, Germany


Establishes courses in Education



More international classes offered in: Egypt, China, Greece



UW And CityU Open learning sites on web



New Tagline: Change Your Life For Good



CityU enters the New Millennium



Honoring one of our founders: Vi Tasler Day



Celebrating Commencement Around the World



Celebrating achievements of CityU students



Innovation Gala HonoringDr. Christopher J Elias, President/CEO of PATH & Dr. Doreen Cato, Executive Director of First Place School



Celebrating 40 Years of City University of Seattle



Moved to our new headquarters in Downtown Seattle



Randy Frisch

Randy C. FrischNamed CityU President



Ongoing partnership with Amazon begins



Named a Top 10 University for Adult Learners by Washington Monthly



Pandemic Pivot: Increased access to online programs and resources



Milestone reached: 60,000+ Alumni Worldwide



50 years of CityU

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Student Alum Faculty Staff

  • My story with City University just began. Within this short time on my MED program, I have met wonderful staff who are always willing to assist regarding questions/concerns. Their collaboration is top notch. Thank you for making my choice of graduate school effortless and blissful. I am looking forward to a memorable learning experience. Happy 50th Birthday! – Pamela N., Student
  • Thanks to CityU, I was able to realize my dream of becoming a psychotherapist--at age 54. I don't know where I'd be without that phenomenal program, and those brilliant instructors, but now I don't have to wonder. This new career has surpassed my wildest imaginings. Thank you! – Reid S., Alum
  • After working as a social worker for 27 years, City University provided me a flexible Saturday only Master of Counselling Program to keep my job and fulfill my dream as a counsellor. All the faculty members are supportive and well equipped me to develop a coherent theoretical and ethical framework . I have my private practice and supervise interns from various universities to give back to the community. – Ginny W., Alum
  • I started taking classes at CityU in 1990 and graduated with Presidential Honors in 2005. My 2-year-old sons were at my graduation, and this set a good example for them as they are both now enrolled in college and pursuing their degrees. One of the strengths of CityU was and is professors that have real world and current experience in the topics they teach. This education has served me well in running my own company today. – Michael B., Student
  • I'd been working on getting my bachelor's degree for quite a long time. I was active-duty military, so trying to find enough time to do classes and getting transferred all of the time was hard. I was referred to City University, and what I liked about it was that it was distance learning and we had actual classes. They were taught by people in the community who were actually doing the job. – Michael R., Alum
  • I have been teaching at City University of Seattle part-time since 2001. I still teach there as an instructor. When I decided to pursue a doctorate, I researched programs, but I liked the new DBA program the best. I was familiar with the administration and the university, so that's why I chose it. I am the first generation in my family to receive an advanced degree. I had great support from the faculty, and that stands out about my time at CityU. – Dr. Christina G., Faculty
  • I attended CityU because of its flexibility. They were the only ones offering an MBA program that I could do on nights and weekends. I made a lot of good connections, and it opened me up to the job I have now. – Daniel H., Alum
  • After completing a bachelor's degree and retiring after 24 years of honorable service in the U.S. Army, I decided to finish my education. I looked forward to my evening classes. My instructors were helpful, upfront, and direct. There was a lot to learn, but it was all beneficial. – Paul L., Alum
  • I liked the online capability CityU offered, and when looking at the curriculum, it had the subject matter I wanted to study, so it was an easy choice. – Korey W., Alum