You Bought a Book for the Library!

Did you know?  You may have just bought a book for the library and we want to thank you!

The library has partnered with Ebrary, one of our ebook providers, to bring you PDA.  Not Public Displays of Affection but Patron Driven Acquisitions.

How does PDA work?

Ebrary has given us access to 1000’s of ebooks to peruse.  Now when you search in Ebrary you will see a mixed bag of ebooks the library already owns and those we might want to buy.  You won’t be able to tell the difference because they look the same and you have full access to both!  Once someone has read a certain amount of a book, if we don’t own it already, a 7-day loan is triggered.  Once this happens three times we buy the book automatically and add it to our permanent collection.

Why is this so great?

Now students and faculty have access to 1000’s more titles than the library currently owns, or could afford, many of which are newly published.  PDA also allows to us purchase more relevant books since we no longer have to guess what you will find useful, you can show us!  Many books in the library are never even used but now we can minimize this waste.  This system saves money and helps us to provide relevant material for your research and education.  So thank you for helping us build our collection!

Check out some of the ebooks your peers and selected and added to our collection via PDA

Leading with Questions: how leaders find the right solutions by knowing what to ask

Helping Children to be Strong: from birth to three

CBT: a clinician’s guide to using the five areas approach

Want to try it out?  Find Ebrary in our list of databases on our website,, or click here and start searching.

If you would like to learn more contact us via Ask a Librarian or by phone 800-526-4269

Published April 19, 2012



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