Workshop opportunity: Engage your donors with style!


By Dr. Pressley Rankin

The Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at City University of Seattle is presenting TWO opportunities as a kick off to the Institute!

ENGAGE YOUR DONORS WITH (SOCIAL) STYLE! Attend our workshop on Wednesday, May 31 at 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at City University of Seattle downtown

Have you ever wondered about your social style?  Are you a driver? Or are you more analytical?  Perhaps you might be expressive, or amiable.  It is possible that you might have different styles at different times.

In this workshop we will explore four social styles and how to apply these styles when approaching donors. We’ll also look at how to be adaptive and versatile when working with donors, board members, and others.

In addition to looking at your personal social styles, we will also discuss how to evaluate the style of your donors and then apply that information to make deeper and stronger connections.  For example, is your donor analytical?  Then it is not a good idea to rush them in making decisions.  They need more time to think about things and will need data to help them make up their minds.

It is the intersection between your style and others that we will be discussing in depth at this workshop. All this and more will be explored!

The Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at City University of Seattle is proud to offer this workshop based on the T. Denny Sanford’s vision.

Founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist T. Denny Sanford, the Institute focuses on preparing exemplary nonprofit leaders and providing the support they need to be successful in making a difference in the world. The Institute is a leader in educational and training curriculum for the nonprofit sector.

We are excited to offer this first workshop on Wednesday, May 31, at City University of Seattle’s downtown Seattle campus.

Presenter: Dr. Pressley Rankin IV, Academic Program Director, CityU, School of Applied Leadership

You will learn how to:

Registration is required and a light lunch is included!

Second opportunity: Fundraise with [Social] Styles! A webinar from the main campus of the Sanford Institute

If you can’t make our onsite live workshop, a second opportunity is available.  This webinar, from the main campus of the Sanford Institute, is a shortened version of our workshop on:

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Thank you for your willingness to share our program information with your network!

You can change the world with strong leadership. Visit our campus, or call today, for more information about the School of Applied Leadership, and our doctoral classes!

Published May 12, 2017



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