Why Get a Business Degree as a Transfer Student


Transferring from one school to another can be daunting, confusing and even scary. The same can be said for transferring from one program to another within the same school since many programs exist autonomously and have their own specific guidelines, culture and experiences.

Making the switch – whether from one school to another or from one program to another – can be hugely beneficial. At CityU, we welcome a significant number of transfer students each quarter, many of whom pursue business-related degrees upon arriving at our university. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the smart reasons to transfer schools and why a business degree could be a great fit for you once you do make your move to CityU.

Top reasons to transfer schools

  1. The fit just isn’t quite right. Every school has its own personality, and similar to how some people’s personalities do not mesh, the same can be said for the student/school relationship. The ‘perfect fit’ is a subjective thing; what some people may find tolerable will be absolute deal breakers for others. As such, this criterion is more based on feeling than anything else.
  2. You’re not feeling challenged academically. The whole point of going back to school is to expand your knowledge and expertise. If you’re wanting to gain new skills or delve deeper into your chosen discipline, a different school with a higher level of academic rigor may not only make you happier, it’ll better prepare you to succeed.
  3. The program you’re looking for isn’t available. This is a solid pain point for most students, especially those who are set on a particular area of study. If you have decided you want to pursue one specific track but your current school doesn’t offer it, you’re left with little choice but to transfer elsewhere.
  4. You need more flexibility. Many schools and programs don’t offer the flexible schedule, blended classes and other benefits of a school that caters to adults returning to school.

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to transfer schools, the next steps involve deciding what direction you want to take in regards to a degree program.

Top reasons to get a business degree

  1. Your career opportunities expand. There’s a reason business is the number one major: It leads to a wide range of opportunities in nearly every industry. From marketing to operations, sales to human resources, even data analytics to risk management, a core education in business can lead to a career in any one of these areas.
  2. Your skills will be transferable. Business is a highly respected field, so many employers will see a successful business student as an asset with skills (e.g. critical thinking, problem-solving and leadership) that can be applied to a wide range of areas.
  3. You’ll become a more creative professional. Many of the skills learned in a quality business program include problem-solving, which strengthens your creativity. There’s nothing as creative as coming up with a brand new product or business model.

Getting a business degree is popular for a reason, so if your current program doesn’t seem to be quite the right fit and you’re interested in exploring where a business education could take you, consider transferring to CityU!

Published August 26, 2016



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