Where in the World is Antonio Esqueda?

I won’t see much of Bellevue in April. Check out my travel schedule!

Highlights: Learn about his hometown roots, educational background and upcoming travel plans on behalf of CityU

Hola! My name is Antonio Esqueda and I’m CityU’s International Programs Academic Coordinator. I’ve been with CityU for a bit over two years. But before I share some of the things I do for CityU, let me share something about me.

I was born in a small town in the state of Jalisco, Mexico called Los Gonzales. Because of its size, it hasn’t made it to Google Maps but our neighboring towns have (Teocaltiche and Villa Hidalgo). My parents moved to Seattle in 1986 and, us kids, joined them in 1988 and I have called Seattle home ever since.

I graduated from Western Washington University (WWU) with a BA in American Cultural Studies in 2001 and a Master of Education in Student Personnel Administration in 2005.  Prior to joining CityU, I worked at WWU.

Because of my “travel” bug I applied for and was selected for my current position, International Programs Academic Coordinator, or IPAC, at CityU. I love to travel (for work and pleasure). I was hired to coordinate our programs in Latin America. When I started CityU had only one partnership with CETYS Universidad in Baja California and offered the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) in a double degree format — students from CETYS earn a Mexican Degree and a CityU degree at the same time. CityU now offers two degrees at CETYS — the BSBA and the Bachelor of Arts in Management (BAM).

So what do I do for CityU? My job has many facets but my primary responsibilities are to ensure all the students in our programs in Mexico receive the same services as students in the U.S. I also recruit students for our assisting programs. These recruitment sessions might be with a handful of students to more than 450 (UANL enrolls more than 115,000 students). I also promote the university to prospective partners in Mexico and around the world.

The next two months will be very busy. I have a full itinerary that will take me to:

Philadelphia: April 7-9                  Phi Beta Delta International Conference, co-presenting with Judy  Hinrichs, Dean, School of Education and Division of Arts and Sciences

Puebla, Mexico: April 11-14                       Visiting Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP)

Houston, Texas: April 21 – 23                  CONAHEC International Conference

Monterrey, Mexico: April 26                     Recruitment visit to UANL

San Luis Potosi, Mexico: April 27            Visiting Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi (UASLP)

Mexicali, Mexico: May 3-5                        Visiting CETYS Universidad

Kansas City: May 31 – June 4                   NAFSA International Conference

Stay tuned to the blog for updates and photos from the trips listed above along with some visits we have scheduled in Seattle.

Published April 7, 2010



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