What Employers Expect to See from Employees with an MBA


When you’re seeking to differentiate yourself among a crowded pool of candidates, certain criteria can have a profound impact on whether or not you move forward or fall to the back of the pack. One such criteria is having an MBA.

Getting your MBA isn’t easy, but for certain roles and employers, it can set you apart from the competition. That’s because an MBA goes beyond just a set of skills or knowledge base – though that’s an important aspect of the program. What an MBA does is teach students to think critically, a skill countless employers want and need in their team members. Here are some of the things an employer will expect of employees with an MBA.

You’ll Think for Yourself

As mentioned, one of the hallmark traits you’ll develop in a quality MBA program is the ability to think critically about challenging situations. It’s one thing to analyze an organization’s financial picture, but it requires critical thinking skills to put those numbers to use and extrapolate what strategic actions you can take based on those numbers. Any robot can crunch the numbers but a truly valuable employee with an MBA will know how to look beyond them and provide insightful suggestions for solving a challenge or making a positive shift in direction.

You’ll be Able Handle Disagreements

Discord is bound to happen in any forward-thinking business environment. A quality MBA program will teach you how to thoughtfully approach potential conflict with strategic direction, an eye toward research and metrics, and with an attitude of professionalism. You’ll learn when to push back, when to back off, and how to do both. Soft skills such as these are invaluable to employers who need team members able to work well with others even under stress.

You’ll Bring a Broad Skill Set to the Table

An excellent MBA program will equip students with a wide range of knowledge across a broad spectrum of business acumen. Driven, successful MBA students often must pursue their degree in an autonomous manner, without handholding – a trait they carry over to the business world. Many achieve their degrees while working or holding other positions, so responsibility and time management comes naturally to them. They know the importance of deadlines and that quality matters. All of which are traits that will carry over to a business setting.

Far from an obsolete degree, an MBA can arm you with the knowledge and skills you need to set yourself apart from the competition. Having an MBA shows employers you’re able to think critically and strategically, manage disagreements, and bring a wide range of talents – all of them worthwhile – to the table. Discover what a management degree can do for your career!

Published April 22, 2016



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