Waving Not Drowning (Yet)

Waving Not Drowning (Yet)
Classroom board
Just a sneak peek of my classroom board activities…Wish me luck!

From Master’s in Teaching candidate Lisa Cabias.

It’s here. Yes, my full control teaching time has arrived. Being a global educator sounds awfully snazzy, I understand, however this is no vacation. New Zealand is beautiful but primarily I’m here to work hard and learn to be an outstanding teacher. Tours, trips, and wanderings come after tuition is paid, research is written, and formal evaluations are signed. Those on the edge of their seats for the next wild odyssey might have to settle for a more classroom-y (but still wild) adventure.

For my full control weeks, I will be at the helm of the colorful ship that is Room 2. On board, we have 27 souls at current count, 26 of whom are under eight years old. My teaching tool belt is loaded down with an assortment of tricks, charts, and charms that I hope to use to guide us safely past looming threats, such as yelling in the cloak room and running in the corridors, and toward the smooth and tranquil waters of engaged learning.

A room of 26 children and one adult runs much like a circus plate spinning act. We have five reading groups in our class that all run at the same time.  If one plate stops spinning, the teacher must notice immediately and give it a firm twirl, lest the whole act come crashing down on her head! Have you ever had 10 children surrounding you, all of them asking a different question at increasingly higher volume? I believe this is what the education community might refer to as the “learning curve.”

What a wonderful chance to practice all of these skills I’ve amassed! I will hold back the urge to brag in regard to anything I feel I may have accomplished thus far, I’m far from done! I’ll be planning, delivering and reflecting for the next week or two. It may be a tad quiet on the Blog front. If you see me waving, don’t be concerned, fish me out only if you note a distinct absence of my glittering smile. This big, stressful challenge is one I’ve looked forward to for a long time!

Published June 2, 2010



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