WAL’s Lunch Bunch for Foodies: Seriously Loving Food Enough to Write About It

WAL’s Lunch Bunch for Foodies:  Seriously Loving Food Enough to Write About It

by Debbie Chan, Washington Academy of Languages, Student Services & Activities Coordinator

A small group of WAL FOODIES (those who love to eat and cook food) headed out to the Fremont District on Saturday, January 13, and had a wonderful time seeing the sights of all things cool, funky, and unusual.  No wonder Fremont is also called, “The Center of the Universe.”   (See:  www.fremont.com )

But our goJai thaial wasn’t just sightseeing (though visiting Theo’s Chocolate and Mischief’s Distillery added that “special something” to our travels).   Our goal was to visit a restaurant of our choice, and to RATE it on a variety of points.

We chose Jai Thai, a long time Thai restaurant in the heart of the Fremont District.

Our group consisted of students Boren (Warren) Jiang and Rawan Ibrahim, along with WAL English instructor, Hong Ying Douglas, and me, Debbie Chan.

All in all, we truly enjoyed the food we ordered!  The portions were good, and the Curry Fried Rice, Bai Kaplau (Stir Fry with Basil), Mussaman Curry,  and Phad Kee Mao (Drunken Noodles) were definitely worth the price, and  they satisfied our hunger for sure!

Jai Thai 2

Would we recommend this restaurant to our friends? Our answer was a unified and definite YES!

I tTrollhink we can also recommend this restaurant to you – especially if you have a need for good Thai food in the Fremont District.  The Fremont Troll would agree with us, I’m sure.

Stay tuned for more FOODIE adventures with WAL!  If you want to join us for a future trip, contact Debbie Chan at debbiechan@cityu.edu .

Published February 14, 2018



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