Volunteering in the Community – Shifting Into Something New

Volunteering in the Community – Shifting Into Something New

Debbie headshotby Debbie Chan, Student Activities Coordinator

Recently at WAL, we decided to try a new approach to activities. We noticed that the interests of our international students at WAL were changing.  No longer were our weekend trips and excursions as popular as before. It was as if it took more effort to get less participation.  Though we always had a good time being together on activities, whether a small group or not, it just seemed like something had to shift or change to get more students involved.

It then became obvious.

I began to notice that more of our students at WAL were becoming more interested about those in Seattle that need real help and real solutions to better themselves.  Students have also become more aware of how important it is for them to get involved in what interests and matters to them the most, because this is one way for them to “give back.”  For example, by their participation in a volunteer job here in the U.S., they can take some of that experience with them back to their home countries, and make a positive difference there, as well.

That is where focusing on volunteer opportunities for our students seemed to make sense.

Watching our students volunteer over the past several months in various capacities, I know this has been a very rewarding experience for them.  Not only do they get to help others, they also get to practice their English, gain confidence,  and they get to see how organizations manage themselves and do great work for those in need.

Therefore, we started searching for more volunteering opportunities for our students.  We do not know when the tide will shift again, but this certainly seems like a wonderful and worthy one to be in for now… and for good.

Thus, we have our tagline that says it all:   “Do Good, Feel Good.”


WAL Student Volunteering at Operation Nightwatch



WAL students volunteering at North Helpline Food Bank
WAL students volunteering at SalmonFest


Published September 14, 2017



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