Video Assignments? Use Tegrity!

Video Assignments? Use Tegrity!

Are you striving to increase student engagement by asking students to complete an assignment in a video format? CityU provides both faculty and students with an easy-to-use, course-integrated option for creating videos: Tegrity. CityU faculty have been using the Tegrity lecture-capture software for over a year to record lectures, explain key concepts, and introduce themselves to students in a more personal way. Tegrity records whatever is on the user’s computer screen, such as images or slides, along with his/her voice and a video or image. Benefits to using Tegrity include:

To begin using Tegrity, e-mail and academic technology staff will provide you with instructions and training. To learn more, see the Library and Learning Resource Center’s Tegrity guide.

Not sure if Tegrity is the right tool for your purposes? Review our Presentation Tools chart to help choose the best option for your — or your students’ — presentations and meetings. Please email with any questions you have… we are here to provide you with consultation, training, and support!

Published June 2, 2014



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