Update on CityU’s Bellevue and Seattle Campus

Update on CityU’s Bellevue and Seattle Campus

As some of you may know, CityU is moving its headquarters and main campus to downtown Seattle in January 2013. Our campus and headquarters will be located at 521 Wall Street in Seattle and will be open to the public starting January 7th.

The first floor of our new location features:

The second floor accommodates faculty and staff offices, meeting areas, and student services like Admissions and Advising, Financial Aid & Veteran’s Affairs Office, and the Registrar’s office. Combined, CityU will occupy approximately 88,000 square feet of this iconic Seattle building. We will host an open house and a dedication ceremony at our new campus on January 25th at 5:45 p.m. All of you are welcome to join us for this celebration.

Some of students  have asked if we’re closing our Bellevue campus. No, we are not closing this site. We are keeping the part of our Bellevue location that currently houses the Library. The current Bellevue offices and classrooms will remain open through December 20th when the University closes for the Winter Holiday Break.  The new Bellevue site will open on January 3rd when the University returns from the winter break.

Our Bellevue site will have:

CityU's Bellevue Campus
CityU’s Bellevue Campus

To begin this move, the library will temporarily relocate part of its services into the resource room located in the atrium of the same building. This initial move will occur in mid-October. CityU’s online library will be uninterrupted during this move.  Students will be able to continue to meet with a librarian in person during this transition, or speak with a librarian at 425-709-3444 during their normal hours of operation, or ask a question via “Ask a Librarian”. While paperback copies of books may take a little longer to order during this time of transition, CityU and its library are committed to serving students and our community to the best of their ability.

CityU values flexibility and has always treated students as individuals. Each of student has his and her own educational pathway and may require specific or comprehensive answers that others may not require.  To address general questions, we have crafted a “frequently asked questions” (FAQ) document, which hopefully will address some of their questions. Please find this FAQ below.

Students, if you have additional questions around the move, please ask your academic advisor for assistance. If your advisor is unable to answer your question(s), please email your question(s) to the relevant department(s) listed below.

Departments and Student Resources:

Career and Counseling Center: Can provide career and/or professional counseling

Financial Aid: Can tell you about Financial Aid Packages and Scholarships

International Student Office: Can advise you if you’re an international student or would like to be a mentor to one

Library: Can advise you on where and how to find a book or an online resource

Registrar: Can answer questions about the academic calendar, transcripts, and can assist you with registration

Thank you for being a part of our CityU community, we  hope we have provided you all with the information and the resources you need to be successful, and hope you’re experience at CityU is or has been one of excellence.

All our best to you this school year!


Q: Why is CityU moving to Seattle?

A: CityU started out in downtown Seattle in 1973, near 3rd and Yesler. When it came time to find a new headquarters and home for CityU, we thought it was time for City University of Seattle to be in Seattle. This decision was not made lightly. Students, our Board of Governors, faculty and staff took part in making the decision to move downtown.  Our 6th and Wall campus is positioned in one of the most up and coming neighborhoods in Seattle. It neighbors Amazon, Experience Music Project, PATH, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and is a stone’s throw away from the retail core and the famous Pike’s Place Market. We’re thrilled to move back home and be in such a vibrant neighborhood, while maintaining a presence here on the east side in Bellevue.

Q: Will there be free parking available for students at or near CityU’s Seattle campus?

A: There will not be free parking available to students, faculty or staff. There are over 5 paid lots within one quarter mile and over 30 street parking spaces that are free after 6PM or 8PM (depending on their location).

Q: Is there a bus stop nearby?

A:  Yes, there are over 50 bus stops within a half mile from our new campus. To personalize your bus route, go to King County Metro’s Online Trip Planner and use your address and our new campus’ address to plan your bus trip. Our new address is:  521 Wall St, Seattle, WA 98121.

Q: How many new students are expected at the new building in the winter quarter?  What is the growth projection?

A: It is estimated that around 3,200 students will be in and out of the Seattle campus. The programs that will be offered in Seattle starting winter 2013 include:

Other programs like evening or weekend bachelor or master’s degree courses are projected to start their regularly scheduled start on this campus beginning spring quarter; which would be April 2013. Education programs are not moving to Seattle until the 2013/2014 school year, based upon their start schedule. For specifics, please connect with your academic advisor.

Q: Will faculty have offices in Bellevue?

A: No. All CityU faculty and administrative offices will be located in Seattle, at our headquarters.

Q: What kind of food services will be available to students at the Seattle campus?

A: There will be a coffee shop in the building (stay tuned for more details) and at a minimum there will be vending machines stocked with drinks and food available for purchase, for students. There are also a number of restaurants and food options nearby that range in fare and price.

Q: When can I come and see the campus?

A: You can see the campus right now by going to CityU’s Facebook or Flickr. To tour the space you can come on January 25 at 5:45 p.m. when we will have a dedication ceremony; which will include tours, comments from key influencers, and light appetizers. Prior to January 25, the new Seattle campus will be open to the public starting January 7thso some of you may see the campus prior to this ceremony.

Q: What if I don’t want to come to Seattle?

A: CityU prides itself on being flexible. We offer online courses and have other sites that may be closer to your work or home. If you want to explore your options, please find a list of our other locations here. Before you decide to go exclusively online or study at a different location, please discuss your plans with your academic advisor.

Q: Where will the Register’s Office be located on campus?

A: The Registrar’s Office will be on the second floor. You will check in with a reception desk on the second floor and they will tell you where to find the Registrar.


Q: Where will the International Student Office be located on campus?

A: The International Student Office (ISO) will be on the second floor. You will check in with a reception desk on the second floor and they will tell you where you can find the ISO.

Q: Where will Financial Aid be located on campus?

A: The Financial Aid Office will be on the second floor. You will check in with a reception desk on the second floor and they will tell you where to find the Financial Aid Office.

Q: Where will the Career and/or Professional Counseling Services be located on campus?

A: The Career and/or Professional Counseling Serviceswill be on the first floor, on the 6th Avenue side of the building. It will have its own entrance for clients and professionals.


Q: What kind of things are nearby the new campus?

A: Aside from it having plenty of public transportation options nearby and over 25 restaurants within a quarter mile, here are some other amenities nearby:

If you have more questions around these two campuses and/or the transition, please contact Tarsi Hall, the Manager of PR and Communications for City University of Seattle, at tarsihall@cityu.edu.

Published October 2, 2012



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