UPAEP Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

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Recently we caught up with Alberto Lopez Lopez who is the Double Degree Programs Coordinator at Universidad Popular Autonoma Del Estado De Puebla (UPAEP) . UPAEP is one of CityU’s partners in Mexico. This year, UPAEP is celebrating their 40th Anniversary — like CityU.

To explore this partnership and find out what it is offering students, we asked Alberto a few questions. Here is what he had to say:

CityU: Please describe UPAEP for our international audience.

Alberto Lopez Lopez (ALL): UPAEP was founded in 1973 in Puebla City, México. It’s a catholic inspired institution with students from all around México. In celebrating its 40th anniversary, UPAEP surpassed the expectations of those who saw it when it started. Thanks to its values and hard work UPAEP is now a thriving university working with academic institutions from all around the world.

CityU: Why did UPAEP decide to partner with City University of Seattle?

Alberto Lopez Lopez (ALL): UPAEP and CityU share the idea that international experience is an important part in the development of every student. Both institutions are nonprofit organizations and they were founded in 1973.

The partnership between CityU and UPAEP offers personal and professional development to future generations. The Double Degree program offered at UPAEP gives the tools necessary for students to build a brighter tomorrow.

CityU: When was the agreement signed and what CityU programs are offered?

Alberto Lopez Lopez (ALL): On January 29th, 2010 a double degree agreement was signed between Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla and City University of Seattle. This agreement continues to give the opportunity to Mexican students to obtain a Bachelor Degree from a U.S. University.

CityU: What benefits does this partnership bring to students in Puebla?

Alberto Lopez Lopez (ALL): The partnership between UPAEP and CityU offers different benefits to the students in Puebla. Students have the opportunity to work under the U.S. academic system and learn how it works, without the need of leave their own country. This international experience provides them with a new vision about the world and their professional projection.

CityU: How many students have graduated from the programs? Where are they now?

Alberto Lopez Lopez (ALL): The first two cohorts of the program have graduated, continuing their stories of success. José Jorge Ayala, who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), is now studying to earn his master’s degree at UPAEP; taking another big step in his academic life to become a successful business man. Daniela Banegas, who is also a graduate in a business program, had the vision to start her own business and she made it! She was a dedicated student and now she is a hard working entrepreneur. Another success story is Carolina Tovar. Her international experience didn’t end after she graduated from UPAEP, she is now working in Dubai –an international business and cultural hub in the Middle East. According to Carolina, this experience is one of the most important experiences in her professional life.

While those are only three examples of the accomplishments of UPAEP and CityU’s double degree program, this is just the beginning of a successful journey for these leaders.

CityU: How is the CityU/UPAEP Partnership making a difference to students at UPAEP?

Alberto Lopez Lopez (ALL): Thanks to the opportunities of the double degree program, students have a different idea about what an international academic experience looks like. Now, students search and demand programs where they will get an academic and professional benefit; they have high goals and even higher dreams.

Thank you Alberto for your time and our sincerest congratulations on celebrating UPAEP’s 40th Anniversary! To find out more about this location, please visit our website here.

Published May 5, 2013



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