UPAEP and the CityU Double Degree: Meet José Jorge Ayala Ruíz

Jose AyalaHi. My name is José Jorge Ayala Ruíz. I am 21 years old and nowadays I study Marketing at Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP).

Last semester I started my double degree. That means besides Marketing I am studying a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with City University of Seattle. This is possible through an agreement between UPAEP and CityU of Seattle. I have to study 10 courses with the American university to get the degree.

Next summer we will go to Seattle. I am sure this will enrich me and the experiences expecting me will be great. We’ll take classes but also visit multinational companies, such Boeing and Kenworth, and learn from people that work there.

Even though we have an academic agenda for our summer, knowing that we’ll visit the first Starbucks and probably go to Vancouver, well, it increases the big expectations we already have.

Right now I study my BSBA through Blackboard. This is new for me although very interesting. My professors give me assignments every week. This is a huge advantage since I can manage my time without really having a tight timetable. I also feel I have a lot of flexibility for other activities. And CityU allows me not only to have more study time but also to organize my own moments of free time and not be attached to a schedule like normal classes.

I would also like to emphasize that the cost of the whole program might seem too expensive to some people. However, people need to see the big benefit of an American degree and that this program costs not even 50 percent of what you will actually pay in the USA. And in the end, the result is exactly the same. When you have an opportunity like that, why would you not take it?

I can say that being a CityU student has been one of the best experiences in my life. Once I’m finished, I will have an international degree and have also met a lot of people around the world. I’ll know different ways of living and have a global perspective.

That said, I deeply recommend this program. This degree will give you the necessary tools to get a job and increase your professionalism. And if you ever want to try and find a job in the USA you’ll already have your American degree. And the best of all, you won’t want to change these experiences for anything in the world.

Published February 10, 2011


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