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Trying for success? It’s in your grit and bold curiosity

Trying for success? It’s in your grit and bold curiosity

Meet Jon Quigley ‘07 – a bass-playing curiosity-driven engineer, project manager and author, whose appetite for knowledge has shaped every corner of his life. If there’s one thing Jon teaches us, it’s that the journey is as exciting as the destination.

Jon’s Journey

Picture this: Jon, armed with his bachelor’s degree, embarking on a new job at PACCAR. Little did he know that this fresh start would lead him to CityU of Seattle, where an enticing educational opportunity awaited. The deal was attractive – further your education, and his employer would foot the bill. With a newfound job, marriage, and a daily commute that rivaled a cross-country road trip, Jon took the leap into the in-person Master of Business Administration.

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Now, Jon is no stranger to challenges. But the obstacles fueled him to find a way to accomplish his goals. “I just put my head down and do what I have to do… because I know on the other side of it, things are going to be better,” he said.

One Master’s degree down, Jon didn’t stop there. Feeling the itch to expand his skill set, he dove into the Master’s in Project Management, realizing that being a top-notch engineer wasn’t the only key to success in the real world. And he ultimately found his edge – earning the nickname ‘Swiss Army Knife’ from a previous boss. Wherever he was pointed, success followed.

He completed his second master’s, new baby in tow.

Reflecting on his journey, Jon emphasizes the pivotal role his education played. He acknowledged that his higher education training opened doors for him. His degrees became the foundation for his successful career and various accomplishments, including authoring over 20 books and countless articles.

What’s Next?

Fast forward to today, and Jon finds fulfillment in consulting and writing. But he’s keeping the door open for opportunities that align with his passions and genuine curiosity. To current CityU students or those considering the journey, Jon offers the following advice: “Know that eventually the actions you do over the course of years, days, months, start to produce something, even if it doesn’t look like it’s producing anything while you’re doing it.”

So, here’s to Jon Quigley – the embodiment of relentless curiosity and proof that the pursuit of knowledge is a journey worth every twist and turn.

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Published March 11, 2024