Do You Want to Be A Trainer or Coach? We Have a Degree for That

Do You Want to Be A Trainer or Coach?  We Have a Degree for That

The School of Applied Leadership faculty and staff are really proud of the work that has been done to grow the Master of Education in Adult Learning (MED-AL). Our latest addition is a program that focuses on Training in Organizations.

The Training in Organizations emphasis of the Master of Education in Adult Learning might be the perfect program for you.

Trainer – Coach – Teacher

Our students are working in diverse workplaces and teaching diverse students. They find the MED-AL a perfect complement that can prepare them for career advancement or new jobs in this exciting career field. Graduates of this program go on to become corporate trainers, curriculum developers, instructional designers and consultants to companies. They are leaders in their organization, influencing all parts of the company to achieve more.

On the way to these exciting careers, CityU students will learn in an online environment with instructors/mentors/trainers who have years of experience in teaching, curriculum design, training, and management. Many of the instructors are current practitioners, who can bring stories from the field into the classroom to support students in the direct application of their learning.

Diversity and Global Education

The master’s degree in Adult Learning- Training in Organizations also includes a focus on diversity and global education. The program director for this program, Dr. Rebecca Cory, has a strong passion for diversity in education and has infused that passion into the program. Students take classes that help them understand how to build training programs in diverse global programs. They also explore the legal and ethical frameworks of the training world, as they learn excellent skills in curriculum and program design. Because the program is entirely online, there is a focus on educational technology and how to use it to maximize student learning. Students graduate from the program confident of their technical skills.

At the culmination of their studies, students complete a capstone project of their own design. This project can be the foundation of a portfolio for job applications or something that is relevant to the student’s current workplace. Students pull all their learning together in this project, to show their strengths. The project once finished will allow students to have a running start in the job market or in advancement at their current work site.

Check out the MED in Adult Learning, with a Training in Organizations emphasis and see why it is the program for you! We also have an emphasis is adult education and teaching English to speakers of other languages that can allow you to get TESOL certified. These programs are a cornerstone in the School of Applied Leadership which also has a master’s program in leadership and an online Doctorate in Leadership.

Published October 20, 2014



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