The Library as a Conduit for Collaboration

The Library as a Conduit for Collaboration

How did CityU’s library transform into a Learning Resource Center? With the opening of our Seattle headquarters in 2013, CityU reimaged the traditional library space and expanded access, service and interdepartmental collaboration, giving way to our current Learning Resource Center.

Learning Resource Center staff Mary Mara, Matt Lechner and Tammy Salman presented on this transformation at the first annual Washington State Higher Education Technology Conference, Building Bridges on March 12. The conference brought together over 420 leaders from Washington State community colleges and universities working in the fields of information technology, eLearning and instructional design, library, and assessment/data management.

Library Before & After
There’s a stark difference between CityU’s former library, pictured left, and the new Learning Resource Center, pictured right. Library staff presented on this transformation at the 2015 Building Bridges conference.

Their presentation, Expanded Access: The Library as a Conduit for Collaboration, outlined CityU’s move beyond providing traditional library services, its successes and challenges, and increased interdepartmental collaborations to improve service to distributed users. Tammy shared information about CityU’s primarily digital collection, and the instructional support her team provides to new faculty and students online. Matt shared the work of the academic technology team in training faculty on the use of CityU’s classroom technology as well as online tools such as Tegrity.

As part of the effort to expand access, the library’s collection underwent a digital shift and only very targeted physical items were kept. The physical collection was weeded out and reduced to 25 percent of its original size.

The transformation also allowed library staff to better promote and support the use of technology among students and faculty. Staff now offer assistance in video recording and editing, tutorials on incorporating multimedia into courses, and connecting students across geographical distances.

For more information, visit the Learning Resource Center website.

View the full presentation here.

Published May 12, 2015



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