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By Greg Price

Skills of HR teams are changing

Is the human resources department at your organization stuck in gear?  Do you have ideas on how an organization can deal effectively with generational issues and gender equality? Is it important for you that HR has a seat at the table? These questions and more can challenge the very fabric of any organization.  With millennials making up over 75% of the workforce in the next 10 years, their ideas are beginning to shape where we work – and it’s having a positive effect!

If you’re a people person, read on.  Maybe you have a knack for helping others, and you enjoy the idea of developing a strong organizational culture. You may also have a sincere interest in your own personal self-development.  If you answered yes to one or all of these ideas, a career in human resource management may be a fulfilling career choice for you.  Your passion for people combined with other talents such as negotiation, finance, leadership, or teaching are just a few skills required to work in human resources.

Who knows, you may find your creative outlet in HR.

Reverse mentoring: what it is, and its benefits

New entrants interested in the field of HR can add their technological touch and make their imprint in a field that is rapidly changing in today’s fast-paced world we live in.   There are excellent approaches to how an organization can address gender and generational differences.  Consider the idea of “reverse mentoring” brought to the forefront by Jack Welsh, former CEO of GE, and how its organizational impact can be felt in a positive ways.

Mentoring is often the idea where someone ‘older’ who has more experience mentors a younger, less experienced manager in training. Reverse mentoring retains this notion, yet it’s not about older to younger: it’s more about the experience factor.

Though the older individual may have more work-related ‘experience’ to share, the younger individual may have the technological prowess to mentor the older individual.  Mr. Welsh created this pipeline as a way to enhance diversity while also advancing innovation in the workplace.  Imagine the depth of strategic ideas the older generation has and couple that with the talent millennials have with technology – the marriage can bring outstanding results.

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Published March 8, 2017



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