The Confidence Side of Classroom Success

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Written By Greg Price

Instructors teach – it’s what we do!  Whether it is in-class, mixed mode, or fully online, we help students improve skills and talents… hopefully changing the students’ lives for the better.  Should this take place we feel successful. This success is what drives instructor passion.  For me, a recent experience prompted me to put this success in words.

As Program Director for the MA Leadership program at City University of Seattle in the School of Applied Leadership, I have had an incredible opportunity to create and design master’s level courses in leadership. In one of these newly minted courses, success occurred. It was in a class that was offered and taught for the first time – MAL 532 Thought Leadership and Creativity.

The content captured the students’ imagination and as they conducted their research, however, they found that finding content on the topic was more difficult than anticipated. This created a bit of a challenge. As they progressed through the weeks, the students found they had to piece together fragments of researched information. You see, Thought Leadership is relatively new in the field of Leadership, yet businesses have performed strategies of thought leadership for years, it just hasn’t come to the forefront in research or the media.

With each passing week, students had to synthesize information from many sources to learn how thought leadership was being used within organizations: they read the discussion posts of their peers, they listened to the videos, and they read the text and provided journals. By the time week seven came around, the ideas of thought leadership began to sink in. There was a sense that this thing called Thought Leadership was something they had within themselves the whole time.  This caused them to begin to stretch their personal thoughts and goals. The result was a new desire to find employment challenges within their own organization.  The confidence they developed in their leadership capacity, through this course, supported their desire to expand their leadership influence within their organization.

As an instructor, this is one form of success!  The confidence, the skill building, and the leadership development. At the time of this writing, I do not know the outcomes of these employment episodes, but you know whose camp I will be rooting for.

I am happy to see all of the future successes this class will create.

Published April 11, 2016



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