The Chaos of Weekend Traveling

The Chaos of Weekend Traveling
little red hen
I’ll always remember our Little Red Hen production! I’m so proud of my students!

From Master’s in Teaching candidate Kate Peterson.

The Little Red Hen was a success! My students put on a great assembly and I recorded the whole skit on video but I’m sad to report that I was asked not to post it online due to school policy. Allow me to recap some of the highlights: most of the children remembered their lines, they sang in tune and the audience laughed and cheered at all the appropriate parts. One student was a bit distracted and picked his nose determinedly throughout the play. I was just happy that he stopped long enough to recite his lines!

Another small boy, during our last rehearsal, complained of a tummy ache and said he hadn’t been able to go on the toilet for a couple days. I told him, “Ok sweetie, you’re probably a bit constipated. Let’s see how you feel after recess.” During their second performance, he waited until it was quiet to loudly inform me of his situation, “But Miss Kate,” he said. “I still go very very consipatick.”

Saturday morning, my roommate and I woke up excited for our big trip to the Tuscany region. I’d imagined strolling through the countryside in the shade of the olive trees, wine in hand, accordion music playing softly in the background.

When we arrived at the Padova train station, sweaty from the bike ride across town, we rushed to the long ticket line that wrapped around the corner and out the door. An hour later, when it was our turn, the expressionless man behind the booth window told us that all of the trains to Florence were sold out for the day! Rachel and I stared at one another, speechless, before being swept aside by the next sweaty and impatient traveler.

After brainstorming our options, we decided to take the short train ride to Venice and enjoy the sunshine. So we walked around the corner and back out the door to the back of the ticket line. We have agreed to purchase our tickets in advance for next week.

By the time we made it onto the sticky and crowded train, we were laughing hysterically at the situation. It turned out to be a wonderful day! After canvassing the city on foot, we settled onto a dock  to work on our tans as we admired the passing gondolas and the men rowing them. Check out my video for the beautiful view!

Published May 6, 2010