2016 President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching Winner, Dr. Paul Gerhardt

Dr. Paul Gerhardt Teaching winner

Written By Dr. Arron Grow, School of Applied Leadership

The measure of any university rests in the talent of its teachers.  To celebrate this fact, every year at Commencement, City University of Seattle presents the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching to at least three associate faculty members.  This year, one of these awards went to the School of Applied Leadership’s faculty member Dr. Paul Gerhardt.

Dr. Gerhardt teaches master’s and doctoral level courses in the School of Applied Leadership and in the School of Management.  In all of the courses that he teachers, Dr. Gerhardt excels in demonstrating his love for his subject area and for student learning. He is a consistent nurturer of students, serving as he does, as a model of servant leadership in his work with CityU students. He demonstrates his nature as a reflective practitioner of teaching by conscientiously asking for, considering, and implementing the feedback he receives from students and supervisors.

He is a strong advocate for connecting course content to the workplace. He shows his passion for this by regularly referring to case studies, current events, and personal experiences as he teaches his students. His ongoing research and writing about diversity and organizational development topics reveals his heart-felt connection with his life’s priorities and what he teachers.

Feedback from Dr. Gerhardt’s students clearly demonstrates his attention to quality in his teaching.

I really enjoy having Dr. Gerhardt as a professor!  He is quick to respond, easy to converse with, and expectations are clearly set. Thank you!!!

Dr. Gerhardt is very encouraging and provides excellent feedback reflecting on our statements. He adds valuable information to research for me to reflect on. A very good instructor, a very good course, the instructor was an excellent resource and a great help.

I have participated in many online courses over the years and can confidently affirm that this is the best representation of online learning I have experienced. I hope the remaining courses I encounter through this program are equal in quality and effectiveness. Thank you Dr. Gerhardt, you are an amazing professor.

Dr. G did an excellent job for my first course in the doctorate program.  I liked how he used the weekly class discussions to engage the class.  I think this helped people get to know each other in the class and only fueled better discussion in the weekly discussion questions.  He also provided valuable examples that backed up the theories we were covering in the course.  He did a great job of making the material relate to real life examples which made the material that much more interesting.

For his years of dedication to quality education to City University of Seattle students, the School of Applied Leadership is delighted to celebrate Dr. Paul Gerhardt’s nomination to and receipt of the 2016 President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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Published July 19, 2016



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