Teaching in Puebla

Teaching in Puebla

During the past week, CityU of Seattle in Mexico was very active. First, Dr. Kurk Kirstein, Dean, School of Management, was invited by CETYS President, Dr. Fernando Leon Garcia to moderate a panel on Technology Education within an international context. Second, Dr. Peter Anthony, Program Director for the Master in Arts in Leadership, and I, traveled to Puebla. Dr. Anthony was invited by UPAEP to teach UPAEP faculty Strategic Planning and Change Leadership. Below, Dr. Anthony gives you a glimpse of his first trip to Mexico, ever.

Pete Anthony, Teaching at UPAEP in Puebla, Mexico (Sep 15-24)

After flying from Seattle to Houston, Antonio and I arrived in Mexico City. After successfully clearing customs, we met up with Doug Frasier, University of Southern Queensland Campus Director and hopped on a bus for a two-hour excursion to Puebla, Mexico and then a 10-minute taxi ride to the UPAEP – Puebla campus. We stayed in UPAEP’s apartments for traveling faculty that are conveniently located right outside the UPAEP campus.

After a day of settling in and adjustment, it became apparent the area was very safe and friendly. We arrived on Thursday, September 15 (Mexican Independence Day) and celebrations continued in Puebla throughout the weekend. It was noisy, but exciting to experience another country’s Independence Day celebrations. On Saturday, after meetings with Mtro. Ricardo Lopez Fabre, UPAEP’s Provost, Doug Frasier, Antonio, and I, we toured downtown Puebla. Friday through Sunday presented some excellent opportunities to tour downtown Puebla and surrounding cities like Cholula. Dr. Hugo Ferrer, Dean of the School of Engineering, graciously drove and acted as our extra special tour guide of the Pyramids, cathedral, and the surrounding quaint city and markets of Cholula.

Antonio’s untiring translation and company, as we enjoyed walking and bus tours around Puebla, was very much needed and appreciated. We visited many Museums, cathedrals, markets, and restaurants along the way. I’m not sure how far I would have ventured out in town without Antonio. But, as I realized some of my Italian language knowledge was similar, to at least some words in Spanish, I found myself getting more comfortable and even speaking a bit of Spanish along the way. The people of Puebla are very nice.

Ok, playtime was over it was time for work! I taught 20 hours of training to faculty and staff from UPAEP (10 hours of Strategic Planning based on MAL 580 course; and 10 hours of Leading Change in Diverse Organizational Cultures based on MAL 535 course). Also, I had the opportunity to teach a condensed version of a total of 3 hours to 150+ students on the same two subject areas. The training sessions were productive, fun, and exciting to deliver here at the very beautiful campus of UPAEP.

The staff, faculty, and students at UPAEP were very helpful, pleasant, and a pleasure to work and communicate with. Luckily, I did a lot of walking so that helped offset the extensive amount of food I consumed. The food was delicious!

I made long lasting collegial friendships. I want to thank Mtro. Ricardo Lopez Fabre, Dr. Hugo Ferrer, Mtra. Liz Neria, and CityU’s double degree program coordinator in Puebla, Meche Hernandez, and of course Antonio, for making my stay in Puebla and teaching experience at UPAEP a very exciting and enjoyable.

Published September 30, 2011



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