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UANL_Cheryl_Laws_BrownBy Cheryl Laws Brown

CityU Faculty Member

I have been an instructor at City University of Seattle for 13 years, and was recently asked if I would like to travel to Monterrey, Mexico to teach at the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (UANL) School of Business, Facultad de Contaduría Pública y Administración (FACPYA).

Previously, I’ve traveled and taught at CETYS Universidad in Mexicali, Mexico, of which four colleagues (including myself) became immersed into the culture and its customs. I was excited, elated, and a bit anxious, as I would be traveling by myself to Nuevo Leon. Navigating the Dallas Airport wasn’t as bad as first expected and going through customs and immigration at the Monterrey International Airport was a breeze.

Once passing customs and retrieving my luggage, I was greeted by the CityU staff representative Horacio Carreon. He is a knowledgeable young man, when it comes to answering any questions you might have about the university. I would add that Mr. Carreon is a fantastic host, in which he takes personal responsibility to make sure your stay is safe and productive.

My colleague Craig Thorne spoke of the school and the students. UANL is the third largest university in the country and you can see why when you tour its grounds. The architecture of each school is unique and distinctive. Each school has its own mascot and the School of Business; Facultad de Contaduría Pública y Administración (FACPYA) is the elephant, which is wise and all knowing.

Upon entering the campus for the first time, you are immersed into the sights and sounds of its students. It is one of the most popular schools within the university, and at all times, you will observe many students on campus. Each school has its own facilities: bookstore, gym, and cafeteria. While a bustling meeting place for students, the cafeteria offers a variety of meals. I recommend the Chicken Salad (with peas, corn, and potatoes). The students are wonderfully polite and considerate. They are dedicated to their studies and work diligently to do their best. The students demonstrate their knowledge of culture and business concepts through their work experiences/internships, family life, and personal insights. My experiences in Mexico have challenged my assumptions of the culture and have enabled me redefine the significance of a global diversity as it relates to the education process.

I had a very pleasing experience and therefore would welcome any teaching opportunities in Monterrey, Mexico. As CityU’s programs continue to grow, there will be a great need for CityU instructors to travel to the site. If you are interested in teaching at CityU in Monterrey, contact your course manager or Antonio Esqueda, International Programs Academic Coordinator, at aesqueda@cityu.edu.

Published April 13, 2011



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