Teacher from Taiwan earns TESOL certificate from CityU

Kay Le at CityU

Helping her Taiwanese students learn how to speak and effectively express themselves in English is City University of Seattle alumna Kay Le’s goal. The high school English teacher in Taiwan shares her expertise with her students and others in her community through adult English lessons, and she is working toward her dream of opening a language center.

Kay Le at Seattle Center
Kay Le at Seattle Center

“There are English learners in Taiwan and throughout Asia, and people learn how to be good at grammar and good for their exams, but are not well trained in speaking,” Kay Le said. “I think that when learning a language, our students need to be good at speaking and adept at using the language. I like to train them to be able to use English to communicate what they’d like to give to the audience: their ideas and thoughts.”

Her desire to help others speak English well stems partly from her personal experience.

“I started learning English in my university in Vietnam,” Kay Le said. “When I came to the university, I met foreign friends and felt so nervous to use English to speak to them. I felt lonely, and it was a lesson for me to improve my language. I had the vocabulary and knew the grammar, but couldn’t pull it out of my mind to express myself. That’s what I had to learn.”

Now she is using what she’s learned to empower others.

“If they can use English successfully in communication, that is my success too,” Kay Le said. “Every time my students learn something new and increase their interest in learning English, I’m happy for them and am happy for myself. That encourages me to do more in my teaching, and I’d love to learn more to help them more.”

Studying at City University of Seattle

Kay Le traveled to Seattle to study in CityU’s TESOL Summer Intensive program in order to expand her skill set and learn new teaching strategies. The program gave her the opportunity to earn her TESOL certification in five weeks.

Kay Le with graduation certificate at CityU“The program was intensive because it was in five weeks, so everyone studied so hard and exhaustively,” Kay Le said. “We did our homework, assignments and everything day and night… The program is very practical. Even though there are theories you have to learn from the book, the instructors share about how to teach in classrooms practically, and I learned techniques and methods from instructors that I can use.”

She selected this program specifically because of its timing and location.

“I chose it because it was summer and I had the time off to study because I didn’t have to work at the high school,” Kay Le said. “Secondly, the location, Seattle is beautiful in the summer. When I was choosing a program, I considered CityU because I wanted to study in the city. I know the U.S. is big and there are some universities located in remote places and I didn’t want that. I traveled around Seattle, I went to art museums, saw snow on the mountains. I went shopping. It was all very convenient. The city is located in a good spot.”

Reflecting on her experience, she said the people she interacted with at CityU really stood out.

“At CityU the people are really nice and great,” Kay Le said. “Go to the place where people are nice and friendly and you’ll learn better.”

Learn more

Learn more about CityU’s TESOL program and the TESOL Summer Intensive.

CityU is also offering a new mixed-mode TESOL program that includes both weekly online components and Saturday in-person class time. This format is great for students who work because it offers the flexibility of online coursework during the week, and the benefits of in-person instruction on the weekend. The program is cohort-based, so students will have the added support of learning alongside the same students throughout the duration of the program. This mixed-mode format of the program starts in January and ends in mid-August.

For additional information, call 206-239-4780, or request more information.

Published October 13, 2017



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