Student Profile: Tricia Smiley, Bachelor of Arts in Management Candidate

Student Profile: Tricia Smiley, Bachelor of Arts in Management Candidate

We had the opportunity to talk with Tricia Smiley, a student in CityU’s Bachelor of Art’s in Management (BAM) program. In her studies, Tricia is focusing on information systems management and has found the program to be valuable. Like many CityU students, Tricia is working full time while getting her college degree and is looking to move up professionally by earning this academic credential.

Here’s is what Tricia had to say about the program…

City University of Seattle (CU): What made you come back to school and study with us?

Tricia Smiley (TS): I have always wanted to complete my undergraduate degree. In selecting a school to attend, it was important for me to invest in an institution that provided quality education through well-planned courses and to have experienced faculty members that related to today’s organizational structures and realities of the workforce. I also wanted to commit to a program that integrated business and technology courses. CityU’s business management program, with an emphasis in information systems management, was aligned with my objectives. The flexibility to take courses in-class or online was a plus. This flexibility allowed me to keep my day job while pursuing my degree. Additionally, I appreciated that CityU has locations around the globe and has students from diverse backgrounds.

CU: What has been the most applicable thing that you have learned thus far?

TS: First, I must acknowledge and give credit to the faculty members’ experience and other students’ input as I have learned a great deal from CityU’s courses because of the encouraged exchange of information. Nevertheless, the most applicable thing I have learned thus far is becoming more versed in business management principles.

CU: How will BAM help you in your professional pursuits?

TS: As I was going through the BAM program courses, I am able to apply some of my newly gained knowledge to my current work. This ability has definitely put me at an advantage. I believe BAM has provided the foundation of business concepts that will launch me to the next level of my professional goals.

CU: Would you recommend the BAM? If so, why?

TS: A former student recommended that I consider CityU’s BAM program. My experience has been great and I would certainly recommend the program to others. The program plan is conducive to today’s business environment and there are flexible methods available to take courses.

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Published May 19, 2014



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