Doctor of Education in Leadership Students Think Outside the Box

Dr. Kelly Flores, Doctoral Program Director
Dr. Kelly Flores, Doctoral Program Director

If you are an experienced professional preparing for senior leadership opportunities with business or non-profit organizations, public education systems, or higher-education institutions, then City University of Seattle’s Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Leadership program could help you achieve your goals. This program will teach you how to unlock the secrets to better tactical and strategic business decisions.

“Many educators find themselves with 20 years of experience in the profession,” said Mike Walker, a CityU Administrative Faculty member and a student in CityU’s doctoral program. “By pursuing the Ed.D. degree, you will become an effective leader and be able to give back some of the knowledge you gained throughout your career to the next generation.”

Adult-Focused Classroom

Walker enthusiastically endorses the program for professionals considering a move up the career ladder, sharing that he joined the program to increase his organizational efficiency by building his professional value. He singled out the quality and expertise of the CityU faculty as especially impressive.

“CityU’s instructors don’t lord it over the students.” Walker explained, “While they provide very valuable guidance, they solicit feedback because they know the students have a lot of professional experience. The instructors become learners in the program, too. Their positive attitude fosters a dynamic group-learning experience.”

Faculty with Extensive Leadership Backgrounds

CityU faculty members are specifically chosen for the Doctor of Education (Ed.D) in Leadership program because of their ability to offer high-quality, relevant learning experiences to doctoral students.

“The faculty in the Ed.D. program are seasoned practitioners, published researchers, and experienced instructors,” said Kelly A. Flores, Ed.D., Program Director of the Ed.D. program at CityU. “They are committed to enhancing the student experience through innovative practical application, resourceful information literacy, and real-time integrated technology,” Dr. Flores added.

Dr. Flores’s own resume shines with a list of professional accomplishments. In addition to her academic accolades, she is:

Likewise, CityU Principal Faculty member Laura Williamson, MBA, Ed.D. has an equally impressive resume. She has worked as a technical writer, trainer, and a manufacturing engineer for several West Coast firms, including Paradigm Media and the L-3 Corporation.

Dr. Williamson’s professional experience informs her classroom instructional approach.

Relevant Application of Learning

“My doctoral classroom is high touch. I like to be in the classroom every day interacting with and guiding student learning,” Dr. Williamson shared. “My approach is Socratic in nature; I enjoy taking students’ insights and directing them with more questions. I like to look at every topic from as many perspectives as possible. To do this, I utilize video, chat, and online discussion technologies.”

Furthermore, rather than fostering an insular academic mindset with her students, Dr. Williamson and her colleagues teach students to think dynamically and “big” about situations. The hope is to train students for senior leadership positions.

“The unique benefit of CityU’s doctoral program is that it creates a cross-point between seemingly unrelated disciplines,” Dr. Williamson explained. “The cross-point created is one between high-technology, education, business, manufacturing, and psychology.”

The program’s interdisciplinary approach ensures that Ed.D. students acquire the critical leadership skills relevant to our organizations today.

Take charge of your future by enrolling in the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Leadership program; you will gain the in-depth, practical knowledge necessary to distinguish yourself as a leader and drive your organization towards future success.

To learn more about CityU’s Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Leadership program, please click here.

Published June 19, 2012



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