Taking a leap into tech

Taking a leap into tech

Seattle is a city that has become synonymous with the tech industry. The demand that companies from major corporations to small start-ups have created in the job market has led many people to transition into the field.

Melissa Cary, a stay-at-home mom who had a natural interest in technology, saw the growth in the field and it helped solidify her decision to turn her interest into a career. So from her home in Michigan, she enrolled in City University of Seattle’s Bachelor of Science in Applied Computing program without ever having visited Seattle.

“I decided to get my bachelor’s degree so I could do something I enjoy,” Melissa said. “I got into a bachelor’s program to learn more about the technological industry because I’d always had an interest in programming and developing software, and also information security.”

Melissa and her daughter, Alexis.
Melissa and her daughter, Alexis.

Melissa sees programming as both logical and creative, and enjoys working on both sides of the spectrum.

“I really like logic and logic problems, so programming always seemed really fun to me,” Melissa said. “To type in code and to have something react in the way you want it to is enjoyable. I’ve also always liked creative projects. With devices now you can make music, or design and program custom side projects.”

Melissa looks forward to finding ways to share her interest with her family.

“I would like to design entry-level robots with my daughter,” Melissa said. “I also want to learn more about sensors and Internet of Things devices. They’re interesting, and there is a lot you can do with them.”

Earning her bachelor’s in applied computing

Melissa and her husband, Tim.
Melissa and her husband, Tim.

Melissa is in her last quarter and only weeks from graduation. Since she lives in Michigan, she has completed the program entirely online.

“At first it was kind of hard to get back into the swing of things because it had been at least five years since I’d been in school,” Melissa said. “So it was a little challenging, but I’ve had some great teachers who are really supportive. They challenge you to think outside the box and encourage the learning process.”

Overall, she enjoyed the applied, interactive courses the most.

“I really liked the lab environments,” Melissa said. “There were some good labs for information security. We learned what hackers do, and it was really insightful and interesting.”

As she nears the finish line of her program, she’s looking forward to starting her new career.

“I’m looking to find a good company to get started,” Melissa said. “I’d like to see myself work on different projects and help to improve systems. I’d also be really interested in working on analyzing viruses or malware.”

She’s exploring remote working opportunities, and is hopeful that her successful completion of a bachelor’s degree online will underscore her ability to work from a distance.

“Being able to work remotely would be wonderful,” Melissa said. “I think that showing I’ve successfully earned a degree remotely will help me.”

Asked what she might tell another person considering entering the tech field, Melissa said:

“I would tell them that if they have an interest in it, it’s a great field to get into because it’s growing and things are always changing. It’s not the same thing all the time. It’s always changing and you’re always learning.”

Learn more about technology degree programs

Learn more about the Bachelor of Science in Applied Computing online, or by requesting more information.

You can also explore City University of Seattle’s other undergraduate and graduate technology degree programs on the CityU website.

Published November 14, 2017



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