Student Profile: Daniela Banegas Haces

DanielaHi, my name is Daniela Banegas Haces. I am 20 years old and I study Institutional Management at Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP).

Last October, I started a Double Degree Program (DDP) with City University of Seattle. Now, I continue to study my Institutional Management at UPAEP and also a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with CityU of Seattle.

Through the DDP, I have to study ten online courses in two years. That means only two courses per semester. The courses I take at CityU count for my UPAEP degree and the courses I take at UPAEP count for my CityU degree.

How are the online courses? CityU, like UPAEP, use instructional technology called Blackboard so you don’t need to learn a new system! I was somewhat afraid to enroll in completely online courses, especially in English, but since everything is through Blackboard and it made it very simple to get started.

Each week I have an assignment with the specific date to send it. I did not have to buy the books because they are already in the library thanks to our Provost Ricardo López Fabre. That’s just another way UPAEP supports us. I am really happy with the DDP and my courses are very motivating. CityU has an interesting system for our assignments. Every time my classmates and I upload an assignment, we also have to give feedback on two or three colleagues’ coursework. Because CityU is a globally connected university, I’ve had classmates from around the world. I find this pretty valuable since I can see a big difference between cultures and ages, which for me as a person and professional, has opened my eyes to different points of view.

I now have international friends. I never thought I would be taking a class with people that also work for multinational companies, like the Boeing Company, and this not only has this enriched me academically, but also it has given me the opportunity to get some contacts that perhaps I could make use of in the future.

Another thing that’s great, personally speaking, is the friendship my classmates and I have created because we are all in the same situation. The Double Degree also makes it so we support one another whenever we need it.

Overall, the Double Degree program has taught me a lot. Not only have I become a more responsible person but I have also learned to be a more self-taught individual. It is my duty now to discover something and get the knowledge to achieve good results. It is definitely an immense challenge that demands a lot of concentration, will power and optimism. From the professional side, I know an American bachelor’s degree will be an enormous advantage to any kind of profession I would like to grow into. It is also a great opportunity for undertaking a job in the USA and to be able acquire new experiences in my professional life. I wholeheartedly recommend the Double Degree program to all those who are interested in participating.

If you have any questions or need advice, please contact me through Mercedes Hernández who coordinates the program. She can be reached at

Published January 18, 2011



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