WAL Students Volunteer at Local Food Bank

WAL Students Volunteer at Local Food Bank

So….What Did You Do Last Saturday?

By Debbie Chan, WAL at City University/Seattle, ELP Student Activities Coordinator

What do you usually do on Saturday mornings?  Sleep in?  Meet friends for coffee?  Or, do you rush off to do all of your chores that you couldn’t get to during your busy work week?

Weekends are precious to us all, I know!

Now, ask the same question to this small group of English Language Program (ELP) students from Washington Academy of Languages (WAL), here at City University of Seattle.  See what they say about one Saturday morning in September when they got up early and volunteered at the North Helpline & Lake City Food Bank (www.northhelpline.org).  Their main job was to help distribute food to the many clients who rely on this food bank for their daily needs.

You may be wondering, how were we able to get our students to volunteer at the food bank on a weekend morning? Well, they were told they would have an opportunity to practice their English, and that they would be able to help others.  Maybe that’s what made them sign-up.  Whatever their reasons for participating, I think they were ALL surprised by what they experienced that day.  It went deeper than just handing out food with a word and a smile.

Here are some of the volunteers’ comments:

There is always a need for more volunteers at this food bank.  Would you consider volunteering one Saturday morning? You’ll be glad you did.

Published October 9, 2013



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