Students Empowered to Become Successful Entrepreneurs through CityU’s MBA Program

Students Empowered to Become Successful Entrepreneurs through CityU’s MBA Program

“Should I get my MBA with CityU?”

Larry Frazier, Faculty Member of the MBA program at CityUCity University of Seattle offers a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) aiming to provide you with the credentials necessary to advance your career. While there are a host of reasons to choose CityU, this post is just going to focus on why you should choose CityU’s MBA program. The number one reason students get their MBA from CityU is due to it cultivating growth, knowledge and a network that enable them to become successful entrepreneurs; while working with, not against, students’ busy lives.

“Students usually choose CityU’s MBA program based on the personal situations in their lives,” said Jessie Morgan, a CityU Admissions Advisor. “Our program provides more flexible study options for busy professionals who are working in full-time jobs. We offer evening, weekend, and online courses. So, students can usually find some way to accommodate the program’s academic requirements to their personal and work schedules.”

CityU MBA classes are priced within the more affordable price range of $633 per credit, with the total being approximately $30,000 for the entire two-year program, Morgan added.

Furthermore, beyond the program’s accessibility and affordability, there is another dimension in which CityU empowers its MBA candidates to excel in the program. The MBA program at CityU is committed to providing one-on-one advising and keeping all classes small.

“I love teaching in CityU’s MBA program because it is student-centered,” said Larry Frazier, a Principal Faculty and Faculty Advisor, who teaches several courses in the MBA program.

“Students are not just the last four digits of their social security numbers. Our instructor-to-student ratio is 1 to 15 while other universities in the area have ratios that are triple ours,” he added. “I can provide each of my students with my individual attention. Our smaller class sizes enable me to assess their individual challenges and to accommodate their diverse learning styles.”

CityU’s student-centered model also carries with it a teaching approach that is heavily weighted toward providing MBA candidates with practical business knowledge that has applicability in the real world of the 21st century.

“Rather than just teaching theories from textbooks, our MBA program presents business knowledge based more on real-world practical experience,” Frazier said. “I share with my students the lessons that I have learned while in business so that they will be able to make the right business decisions in their future careers.”

Indeed, Frazier’s own resume bristles with the business experience that CityU values so highly in its faculty members, including stints with Citigroup Inc., The Travelers Companies Inc., and Columbian Lutheran Ministries. He currently heads his own company called Human Capital Consulting.

“I am an expert on the human capital that goes into an organization. It’s the people that drive an organization toward success. And good people are scarce,” Frazier said.

Frazier’s belief in the importance of people and how it ties into the success of any business enterprise extends to his teaching philosophy. When asked to explain why he teaches, he said, “I want to make a difference in the lives of my students by helping them overcome their struggles and challenges in their lives,” he said. “I want to expunge from my students’ minds whatever self-fulfilling prophesies of failure they might harbor. These students often believe that they are destined to fail in business because they are not good enough,” he explained.

In other words, Frazier knows that starting a new business requires a psychological leap of faith on the part of the entrepreneur.

Frazier added, “I want to instill in my students a sense of confidence and empowerment. I want to inspire them not just to talk about a good business idea, but also to have the energy to just do it!”

Frazier further explained the real-world value of this lesson by saying, “My students learn that success does not depend on fate. Instead, they develop a sense of self-efficacy. That is, they learn to spend the time necessary to put together a business strategy and to spell out all of its details in a carefully constructed business plan. Then, they know that they’ll have a higher probability of running a successful business.”

Frazier, like many other faculty members in the department, is passionate about students becoming successful entrepreneurs and professionals.

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Published March 15, 2012



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